Orchard + Public Mobile = Huge Savings on Wireless

Orchard’s mission is to help Canadians bring down their cost of wireless. delivering big discounts on premium hardware, but it does not end there. 

Discover Public Mobile

Why we love Public Mobile

Owning your phone is like a cheat code when it comes to wireless: 

1. First off, you can take your business to any carrier (while keeping your number). 

2. Second, owning your phone eables you to tap into the biggest savings in wireless, which are reserved for customers who Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

You can save with a BYOD plan at any of the Canadian carriers, but if you own your phone, Pubic Mobile is your best bet: they have really affordable plans, an award winning 5G network, and no contracts to tie you down.

The best part? We negotiated amazing deals for Orchard customers:

⭐ Promo Code MK3L5B79: 10 GB of free data every month, for 6 months (applies to plans $34 and up)
⭐ Promo Code LR5V5J45: 5 GB of free data every month for 12 months (applies to plans $26 and up)

Some of our favourite Public Mobile plans

Switching is Easy!

To make switching as easy as possible, we are including a free Public Mobile SIM with every phone purchased. 

Note: once you have the SIM card, the entire sign up and activation process happens online, which may or may not be your cup of tea. 

Need more info? Find some of our frequently asked questions below.

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When do I take my old SIM out of my phone?

If you ported .... Step by step guide here

The promocode is not working, what do I do?

Continue with the activation – you can reach out to Public Mobile’s customer service once you are activated with your promo code

What happens when my promo code expires?

Your plan will not change, you will just no longer have the free data associated with our special promo going forward.

I am having trouble activating my plan. Is there anyone I can speak to?

Awaiting marcomm response

I received a Public Mobile SIM card with my phone, why?

Great! That’s part of our partnership with Public Mobile. Now that you own your phone, you can use it with any carrier. Switching carriers (and keeping your number) used to be hard, but these days, it’s a breeze. You should find instructions on how to switch to Public on the back of the note you received with your order.

We’re big fans of Public because they have unbeatable prices, one of Canada’s best networks, and no contracts to tie you down.

The best part? We negotiated amazing deals for Orchard customers. Refer to the card in your order for more info, or get in touch with our support team for assistance.

*Limited time offer, subject to change without notice, and only available to new activations. This promotion may only be redeemed by the addressee, and cannot be combined with other offers or promotion codes. This promotion is linked to the plan that the customer activates on, and changing plans may result in the promotion being removed from the account.