The Best Toronto iPhone Repair Shops

There are probably hundreds of places offering to repair your iPhone in Toronto – but not all of them are created equally. When it comes to choosing a Toronto iPhone repair shop, quality is king. Unfortunately, price is often prioritized over quality when choosing a repair shop. While breaking your phone is tragic, having your phone repaired with inferior parts or expertise can make your situation even worse.

Look for marks of excellence: quality parts, quick repairs, and a service guarantee.

Quality Parts

The best repair shops use high quality parts when repairing your iPhone.

There are many cheap, poor quality parts floating around. Some repairs shops may use these cheaper parts to save costs. The problem is that with cheaper parts, you get what you pay for – buttons may break quickly, screens may scratch easily, or other problems such as overheating could result. Before getting your phone repaired make sure you ask about the parts being used – if the question is brushed off or you don’t feel confident in their answer, you may want to take your phone elsewhere.

Speed of Service

Most people use their phones every day – so you probably don’t want to be without it for long while it’s getting repaired. While repairs shouldn’t be rushed, most of them can be accomplished in a fairly short amount of time. Look for places that offer service “while you wait,” or at least within the day. Any longer than that could be a red flag (depending on the repair).

No Upfront Cost

Labour has value, but if you’re paying for a specific repair service (like a screen replacement) then you should only be charged if the repair is successful. If there is a fee to just look at your phone for a common repair, look elsewhere to get it done.


While not an absolute requirement, the best repair shops offer a warranty on repaired parts. Not only is this an indicator in the quality of the parts themselves, but you can rest assured that if something goes wrong, they will fix it.

These shops are the best Toronto iPhone repair shops:


213 Sterling Road, Backside of the building

Your favourite used iPhone store is opening its repair shop to the public. Specializing in iPhone repair, Orchard’s team of expert repair techs use only the highest quality parts. Our rates are affordable and we’ve been known to work magic on problems other shops can’t solve. Our service is fast, friendly, and has all the guarantees you’ve come to know and love from Orchard.

Have questions about our services or want to let us know you’ll be stopping by? Get in touch by emailing or call us 1-800-736-2703.



Multiple locations 

Fixt has a reputation for being able to fix just about any problem on just about any phone or tablet. Their technicians are skilled, and they only use high quality parts, which is why they can confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. You won’t have to wait around forever either since most repairs are done within an hour.

If you’re heading over to Fixt, give them the code ORCHARDFIXT10 for $10 off any repair.

You’ll also find a decent selection of smartphone accessories at all Fixt locations. If you see something you like, use the code ORCHARDACC10 and get 10% off.

In Toronto, you can find them in the Annex, The Hudson’s Bay Center, Bay and College, in the Danforth, in North York, or Etobicoke.

Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile Klinik

Multiple Locations 

Mobile Klinik is a chain of professional smartphone repair stores specializing in immediate repairs of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Repairs are completed on site in less than 60 minutes (some water damage repairs may take longer). All repairs are carried out by skilled technicians on-site using premium quality parts and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

In Toronto, you can visit a Mobile Klinik location in Dundas Square, in the PATH, or at Yonge & Eglinton.

iRepair - one of the best repair shops in Toronto

Multiple Locations has been in the business of repairing Apple products since before the first iPhone came out. Starting out as a mail-order iPod repair service, they now have several storefronts in the city and offer a full range of repair services. They include a 6-month warranty on all repair services.

In Toronto, you can find them at 494 College Street, 1517 Danforth Avenue, or 2109 Yonge Street, as well as in Scarborough on Kennedy Road.

Toronto Repair - review

Toronto Repair

Kennedy and Steeles 

Online reviews rave about “Eddie,” the proprietor of Toronto Repair. Great customer service and quality parts combine to create another one of the best Toronto iPhone repair shops. Toronto Repair offers a 60-day guarantee on repairs.

You can find Toronto Repair at 4675 Steeles Ave. East, on the second floor of Splendid China Tower Mall, near Pacific Mall.

TechKnow Space repair review

The TechKnow Space

Spadina and Front 

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, The TechKnow Space has been repairing iPhones (among other electronics) since 2006. As an added benefit, they offer a free tempered glass screen protector when if you get your screen replaced. Their 1-hour service is covered by a 60-day warranty.

You can find them at 387 Front Street W, at the corner of Front and Spadina

CPR Toronto repair review

CPR Cell Phone Repair Toronto

Multiple Locations 

Established in Toronto in 2012, CPR Cell Phone Repair is part of a large chain of repair shops founded in 1997. While the chain normally offers a 6-month guarantee for parts and labour, the Toronto location has extended that to a lifetime warranty just for iPhone and iPad repairs.

They have a Toronto location at 3200 Dufferin Street, with other locations in Etobicoke, and North York.

Getting your phone fixed shouldn’t be a gamble.

While these are some of the best Toronto iPhone repair shops, we’re sure there are others as well. Where else have you gotten your phone repaired, and would your recommend them? Let us know in the comments below!

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