Good Very Good Like New


Shows clear evidence of prior wear. There may be scratches and nicks on the screen and the back casing.

Every phone Orchard sells is guaranteed to work like new. Our condition grades refer exclusively to outward appearance

90 day Warranty

All refurbished Orchard phones and iPads are protected by a 90-day warranty for functionality issues or a change of heart, with free returns. No need for a reason beyond “I just don’t like it”, although we always appreciate additional details and our support team is often able to help you resolve any little glitches remotely.

Your 90-day warranty starts on the day you receive the phone. We’re happy to accommodate returns for repairs, replacements or refunds within that timeframe. Just get in touch with our support team at – we’ll discuss the specifics of your return and we’ll work together to find a solution that makes sense to you.

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Blu Element

Blu Element Drop-Zone Case - iPhone 12

Blu Element Drop-Zone Case - iPhone 12

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All our devices undergo two rounds of 30-point inspections by our tech experts.

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90-day no question asked warranty

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What does the Condition mean?

Like New, Very Good and Good only refer to the cosmetic condition of the phone. Please see the product photos and/or tap the ‘i’ icon beside Condition for more details on each condition tier. Note that every phone we sell has undergone rigorous testing by two trained technicians. This ensures that every phone we sell is working perfectly, regardless of the phone’s condition tier. Part of our inventory is in “Brand New” condition. These are phones that are sealed in their box and have never been used before. 

Will this phone work with my carrier?

Yes: an unlocked device will work with all Canadian carriers. Orchard phones are not tied to any specific contract or phone plan, so you can choose the plan that is right for you. To use this phone with your plan, you will need a Nano SIM card from your carrier. If you already have a 'live' Nano SIM card, simply insert it into your new phone to instantly begin using it with your plan.

What is this phone’s battery health?

Our goal is to ensure that our customers get a full day of average use with each charge. After some experimentation, we have figured out that in order to get a full day’s use, a phone must have a minimum of 83% of its original battery capacity. If a battery doesn’t meet this standard, we replace it with a brand new, high-quality third party battery. Because our inventory moves so quickly, we do not display each individual phone’s remaining battery capacity on this page.

Has this phone been repaired?

Maybe! If we uncover any issues in the course of our extensive testing, we’ll repair the phone to ensure it is fully functional. To keep our phones attractively priced, we use top quality third-party parts. These work just as well as parts from the manufacturer, they are just more affordable and readily available. On recent iPhone models, this means that you might see a message in your phone’s settings saying that a part is not a genuine Apple replacement.

Where does this inventory come from?

Orchard’s inventory comes from people who sell their phones to Orchard through our Concierge selling services. All phones are shipped to our office, where they undergo two rounds of rigorous testing by our highly trained staff. We only sell devices that pass all our tests, so that our buyers can be confident they’ll receive a fully functional device.

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Why Orchard?

Founded in 2013, we built Orchard to be a trusted intermediary between customers who upgrade every few years, and folks who are happy a few generations behind the curve if it means saving hundreds of dollars.

Since then, Orchard has grown to be Canada’s largest independent seller of preowned phones. Canadians trust us to deliver the highest quality devices at fair prices, and back our products with best-in-class customer service.

We wake up every morning obsessing over how we can improve our already stellar reviews. Give us a shot: you won’t regret it.

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Certified High Quality Phones

Each phone undergoes a rigorous 30-point inspection. Better than a fine-toothed comb, our quality experts combine manual tests that simulate real-world use and software checks to ensure quality.

Display Brilliant display with sharp colours and fully responsive touchscreen.
Ports All ports connect, read correctly and are free of debris.
Battery Battery is guaranteed to last for one day of typical usage.
Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all maintain strong connections.
Audio All speakers output loud, crisp sound. Microphones record high-definition sound.
Exterior Housing is thoroughly cleaned and polished, any debris around buttons or openings is removed.
Cameras No damage or dust on the lens. Both front and back cameras take, focused vibrant photos.
Software Factory restored back to activation screen.