iPhone 4S 16GB White (Verizon)

iPhone 4S 16GB White (Verizon)

Physical condition: Very Good

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Add Orchard Care Extended Warranty for $45

Orchard Care covers your phone for 1 full year from purchase date.

Add Orchard Care
Extended Warranty for $45

Orchard Care covers your phone for 1 full year from purchase date.

Requires a
30-Pin Connector

Requires a
Micro SIM Card

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About this Device

The iPhone 4S features the same basic design as the iPhone 4, but the similarities are only skin deep. The 4S is roughly twice as fast, has a materially improved camera, and supports Siri, AirPlay, and 4G/LTE data connections for faster browsing on the go. This makes the iPhone 4S a great product for the average user.

Certified High Quality iPhones

Each phone undergoes a rigorous 30-point inspection. Better than a fine-toothed comb, our quality experts combine manual tests that simulate real-world use and software checks to ensure quality.


Brilliant display with sharp colours and fully responsive touchscreen.


All ports connect, read correctly and are free of debris.


Charge capacity and performance tested to ensure a healthy battery life


Wireless network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all maintain strong connections


All speakers output loud, crisp sound. Microphones record high-definition sound.


Casting is thoroughly cleaned and polished, any debris around buttons or openings is removed


No damage or dust on the lens. Both front and back cameras take, focused vibrant photos


Updated to the latest verison and factory restored back to activation screen

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Orchard Care provides repair or replacement coverage, including parts and labour, for all damages that are not the result of misuse or mistreatment.

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