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iPhone SE Overview

The iPhone SE joins a strong line of Apple products sharing its trademark form factor. Like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S that came before it, the iPhone SE is a compact 4-point- something inches, meaning you can comfortably, confidently use it one-handed.

And it’s no surprise that Apple’s iPhone SE didn’t fall far from the tree— the iPhone 5 and 5S were said to be “the golden child of Apple phone design and a benchmark for phones in general”. Big shoes to fill, but if you read any reviews on the iPhone SE, it seems like this phone is really living up to expectations.

The SE was meant to serve as a replacement for the iPhone 5S in Apple’s product line. Like the iPhone 5S, the SE comes in at a lower price point. But unlike the 5S, the iPhone SE offers an updated processor, rear camera, and other features from the high-end iPhone 6S. The result? An affordable, highly capable device that’s available in a small package.

Shot by an iPhone SE

What's Great About the iPhone SE

1. It’s small, but packs a mighty punch

In the world of smartphones, a compact body is rare these days. Despite its small frame, the iPhone SE is a very powerful and capable phone.

The iPhone SE has much of the same internal components as the cutting-edge iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, all thanks to the A9 chip, M9 co-processor, and 2GB of RAM. In contrast, the iPhone 5S runs on an A7 chip and 1GB of RAM, meaning you’ll see a night and day difference between the two models’ performance.

2. It’s the new "cheap" iPhone

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable phone, buying used makes it even more so.

The SE served as a replacement for the iPhone 5S as a lower-cost entry into the iPhone product line. While this isn’t the handset that will change the face of the smartphone world, it’s a less expensive model that will reliably do its job for years to come.

3. It’s compact enough to use with 1 hand

If you’re a fan of smaller phones or you’re graduating from an older iPhone 4S, the 4-inch SE will be perfect for you. Instead of SE, Apple should have called it the “iPhone 6S Mini”. The iPhone SE can easily fit in your pocket and even those with smaller hands can effortlessly reach between the home button and the top of the screen.

Things to consider before buying a used iPhone SE

Described as the “most powerful 4-inch iPhone ever”, even a pre-owned iPhone SE packs quite a punch. That doesn’t mean it’s a phone for everybody but it does have a lot of features to get excited over.

iPhone SE Trivia

    One new feature the iPhone SE lacks is 3D Touch
  • With the iPhone SE, Apple got rid of the FCC labels that were printed on the back of other iPhone models
  • The iPhone SE is machined from a single piece of aluminium
  • The fingerprint sensor of the iPhone SE is the same as the iPhone 6, while the iPhone 6S uses next generation sensor technology
  • The iPhone SE lacks a barometer, a sensor that measures elevation and atmospheric pressure, which will have implications for many health apps
  • A 1642 milliamp battery in the iPhone SE is significantly better than the battery in the iPhone 5S
  • All iPhone 5S cases will be compatible with the SE’s body
  • The iPhone SE is not eligible for Apple's upgrade program, so you cannot trade-up into an SE
  • The "SE" stands for "Special Edition"
  • When the iPhone SE was released, critics praised its camera quality and functionality, noting that it was a “completely pocketable and powerful little consumer camera” that outperformed other smartphones in its price range
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