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iPhone 6s Plus Overview

A new 3D Touch-enabled screen, LTE Advanced for faster connections, 12MP pictures and 4K video capabilities— all powered by processors once only found in desktop computers. Take all these amazing features also in the iPhone 6S and wrap it in a bigger 5.5 inch body. The result? The iPhone 6S Plus.

And with its size, there are other perks, including a longer battery life, a larger screen with higher resolution, and optical image stabilization, which can deliver sharp photos even in low light. With all its features, it's no surprise that The Verge called the iPhone 6S Plus, "right now the best phone on the market."

Shot by an iPhone 6s Plus

Before Buying a Used iPhone 6s Plus

Buying an iPhone is nothing you should rush into, which is especially true in the case of the iPhone 6S Plus. While it has some of the greatest features available on the smartphone market to-day, the iPhone 6S Plus is not for everyone. Read on to find out the pros and cons of buy-ing a used iPhone 6S Plus. You can thank us later.

Why You Should Buy a Used iPhone 6s Plus

1. Price

It's no secret that, like a car, the resale value of an iPhone drops the second you start using it. Luckily for you, that means you can buy a used iPhone 6S Plus at a steal of a deal. If you're price conscious but still want a high-end phone, you can save hundreds by buying used. You can buy a used iPhone 6S Plus for under $600.

2. 3D Touch is a game changer, hands down

The iPhone 6S Plus is outfitted with iOS 9, which is built specifically so that users can use 3D Touch to access completely new gestures and commands. For the first time, you can "peek" at content on your phone with a light touch and "pop" it into full view by pressing harder. From your home screen, you can almost "right click" on an app to get a popup menu with a harder press on its home screen icon. And to make everything feel intuitive, the iPhone 6S will provide you with 10-millisecond or 15-millisecond vibrations, called haptic taps, to let you know when an action is complete.

It's stuff like 3D Touch that makes Apple, and the iPhone, the standard for high-end smartphones. As The Verge describes, "There just aren't other companies that can roll out a fea-ture like 3D Touch and make it work in a way that suggests the creation of entirely new interface paradigms, and every other phone maker needs to figure out exactly why Apple's cameras are so consistent before they can really compete."

3. The best way to watch or shoot a movie on an iPhone

The iPhone 6S Plus has a long lasting battery and optical image stabilization for its 12mp rear camera. With these two things, the iPhone 6S Plus outperforms the iPhone 6S and makes 6S Plus the perfect phone for extended photography sessions. Not only that, but the iPhone 6S Plus is able to shoot 4K video footage in fantastic detail. If you're interested in taking great pictures, you can bet on the iPhone 6S Plus to take good quality images with excellent exposure, color, and tonality across all light levels. And to top it off, it includes some solid on board features, like a panorama mode that is currently the best out there. If you're interested in learning more about the camera on the iPhone 6S Plus, we recommend this comprehensive guide.

An iPhone 6S Plus is not for you if...

1. You hate a big screen

The size of the iPhone 6S Plus makes it feel a bit like a surfboard with an LCD screen. Not to mention, it feels almost as slippery. Like last year's model, the "Reachability" feature makes it somewhat easier to work with one hand, but some taps will ultimately feel more comfortable us-ing two hands. With this slippery design and the camera bump, you may end up wanting to buy a case for this iPhone to keep it protected from daily use.

iPhone 6s Plus Trivia

  • the iPhone 6S Plus is the next generation of iPhone after the Apple's release of the iPhone 6 Plus
  • the launch of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus set yet another sales record for Apple, selling 13 million models in the first weekend
  • with 2 GB of RAM, the iPhone 6S Plus has more RAM than any other iPhone that came be-fore it
  • the iPhone 6S Plus has the best battery out of Apple's entire smartphone lineup
  • Apple does not advertise the fact that the iPhone 6S Plus has a degree of water resistance because of silicone seals around parts of the logic board that prevent them from being shorted by accidental contact with water
  • the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are the first to have 3D Touch, which allows the iPhone to respond to both the speed and the force with which you touch the screen
  • 3D Touch works through a series of sensors that are embedded on the screen's
  • backlight lay-er, which enables your iPhone 6S Plus to recognize the firmness of the user's touch by meas-uring the distance between its sensors and the glass
  • 3D Touch is similar to the Force Touch technology used on the Apple Watch but the 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S Plus is actually more sensitive and can recognize more subtle differences in touch pressure
  • the iPhone 6S Plus is the heaviest phone out of Apple's entire smartphone lineup
  • although S-series phones like the iPhone 6S Plus are criticized for lacking a new design, Apple claims they sell better and longer in the marketplace compared to non-S iPhones
  • the iPhone 6S Plus is made from 7000-series aluminum, an alloy used in the aerospace industry
  • with the improved Touch ID sensor, the iPhone 6S Plus can pick up your fingerprints twice as fast as before
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