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iPhone 6 Plus Overview

Along with its sibling, the iPhone 6, Apple's iPhone 6 Plus sold more than 10 million phones in the first three days after its release. What about this phone made it such a crowd pleaser? Well, it's not only bigger than the iPhones before it, but the iPhone 6 Plus is better in every way.

It boasts an improved iSight camera with time-lapse video features, a beautiful HD Retina dis-play, powerful desktop-class processors, and the longest battery life of any iPhone.

The iPhone 6 Plus takes all of the features of the smaller iPhone 6 and wraps it in a bigger 5.5 inch aluminium case. With a size somewhere between a smartphone and tablet, the iPhone 6 Plus provides the ultimate user experience.

Shot by an iPhone 6 Plus

Why You Should Buy a Used iPhone 6 Plus

1. The iPhone 6 Plus is a premium phone with a premium-sized screen

The greatest feature of the iPhone 6 Plus is its big 5.5-inch display, which gives you more screen real estate to work with. The new size is great for videos, surfing the web and an improved app experience. More content and features can be displayed on the screen at once.

The iPhone 6 Plus is more than just a bigger screen, Apple calls it their Retina HD display, which expands upon the original Retina display technology. The new display with a better contrast ra-tion at 1400:1 when compared to the 800:1 of the iPhone 5s. This means you'll see deeper more vibrant colours in pictures and videos. Additionally, Apple added a specially angled pixel layout which lets the iPhone display look great at any angle.

2. But no premium price tag

With the release of three new phone models since the iPhone 6 Plus, the resale price on used models has dropped. Apple is notorious for never having sales, so buying used is pretty much the only way you can get your hands on a cheap iPhone. If you're in the market for an iPhone 6 Plus in particular, you can pick up an excellent model for under $500.

3. And a camera to make your jaw drop

If you're thinking of buying a used iPhone 6 Plus, you'll find one of the best cameras on an iPhone. Focus pixels is one of the big improvements to the iPhone 6 Plus camera and allows for faster autofocus when taking pictures and videos. Face detection also works faster to detecting even the smallest of faces in a group of people. This is useful for making sure every shot is tak-en in focus.

The camera can record video in a higher frame rate too. Slow motion video can now be filmed at 240 fps which leads to some insanely cool shots. The 1080p video has an option for 60 fps which leads to crisp motion that looks great in everyday shots.

With the iPhone 5s, panoramas were taken at 28 megapixels, capturing a 2442-pixel height. The new 43 megapixel panoramas on the iPhone 6 Plus capture a 3194-pixel meaning bigger and better panos.

Things to consider before buying a used iPhone 6 Plus

1. One-handed use

The iPhone 5s and earlier devices were sold on the premise you could easily use them in one hand. The iPhone 6 Plus broke this tradition to satisfy the growing demand for larger smartphones. The "Reachability" feature makes it somewhat easier to work with one hand, but some taps will ultimately feel more comfortable using two hands.

2. The smooth and slippery design

The iPhone 6 Plus design feels like a smooth, seamless pebble in your hand, but some have equated it to an aluminum bar of soap which can fly out of your hand without warning. With this slippery design and the camera bump, you may end up wanting to buy a case for this iPhone to keep it protected from daily use. There is some good news, because Apple makes great iPhone 6s cases which still fit a used iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus Trivia

  • with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple did not release a 32GB version. Instead, the 64GB phone became the mid-range option and a new 128GB version was introduced
  • pre-orders of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus exceeded four million within its first 24 hours of availability, which set a record for Apple
  • more than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were sold in the first three days, an-other Apple record
  • the curved edges of the iPhone 6 screen seamlessly connect to the aluminum casing
  • the iPhone 6 Plus was the first iPhone to feature Apple Pay NFC capability, which initially partnered with major US banks and has slowly expanded worldwide
  • as a result of the larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple moved the power button from the top to the side of the phone in order to make it more accessible to the user
  • unlike previous models, the iPhone 6 Plus camera protrudes ever so slightly because of the incredibly thin design
  • Apple added the "Reachability" gesture to the iPhone 6 Plus allowing users to double-tap the home button, causing the display to slide down, making it easier to reach all of the items on the screen
  • Apple used the slogan "Bigger than bigger" when marketing the iPhone 6 Plus
  • when marketing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple used the slogan "The two and only"
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