Outsmart your carrier

Carriers use subsidized phones to lock you into an overpriced long-term contract. By owning your phone, you can get commitment-free plans that offer the same service for much less.

Orchard makes it affordable

By offering a range of high-end used devices, Orchard helps you own awesome hardware for less.

It's safe, and super easy

Orchard offers a lifetime blacklist guarantee and a 30-day warranty on all device functionality. Savvy consumers also love Orchard's great selection and free shipping.

iPhone 5C

Starting at $240
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iPhone 5S

Starting at $395
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iPhone 6

Starting at $545
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30-Day Warranty

Buy with confidence. We will refund every penny of the purchase price should anything go wrong with your phone up to 30 days after it arrives.

Free Shipping

Your purchase will be shipped free to your front door. You'll receive your device in 5-7 business days and we pay the shipping on every order (so you don't have to).

Great Pricing

Our refurbished phones are an affordable alternative to buying new. Save big on name-brand phones priced at a fraction of their original cost.

Orchard is Canada's home for affordable smartphones— no contracts or strings attached.

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Buy high-quality used iPhones | 30-day warranty | Free Shipping
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