Upgrade responsibly!

In 2023, you helped us offset 1,400,000 KG of CO2 emissions!

Show me the math!

According to Apple, crafting a single shiny new smartphone produces a whopping 70kg of CO2. Can you believe it? That's where we come in! Last year, we breathed new life into over 20,000 phones, that's the equivalent of preventing 1,400,000 KG of CO2 emissions from clouding up our atmosphere. Take that, carbon footprint!

Joining forces with Orchard turns you into an eco-warrior:

🌿 Less E-Waste: We're reducing electronic waste and preventing toxins from harming our planet.

🌎 Resource Preservation: Together, we're conserving minerals, metals, and energy by recycling and reusing electronics.

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Setting the standard

Because we want to help establish the standard for the used electronics industry, we got our R2 certification, which is a third-party audit of our facility to ensure that:

🔬We do extensive testing of every device we sell.

🧼 We wipe all data off of every device that reaches our facility.

♻️ We are disposing of any unusable parts in an environmentally responsible way.

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