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Orchard vs Swappa

Orchard is a safe, simple alternative to buying an iPhone on Swappa.
Here is why you should shop with Orchard...

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If you’re looking to buy an affordable used iPhone, you’re probably weighing your options and doing some research to make sure you’re making the right choice. Orchard is all about making decisions simple. That’s why we have put together some info that’ll help you decide on the best place for you to buy a used iPhone.

Below, you’ll find the information you’ll need to compare Orchard and Swappa, including customer experiences, prices, and thoughts from real people who have recently bought an iPhone from Orchard.

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  1. Orchard lists only the best used iPhones for sale.

Swappa is an online marketplace specifically dedicated to brokering smartphone sales. It’s a user-to-user marketplace where you can buy the phone that someone has listed, though it’s important to remember that Swappa has a very limited role in making sure that your seller isn’t pulling a fast one on you.

In contrast, our team of quality experts gets their hands on every device that comes through our doors. Before being listed for sale in our inventory, each phone must pass two independent 30-point quality inspections by two experts. Along with tools to check internal components, manual tests are done to mirror real world use. Only phones that work like new are listed for sale in our inventory.

"After a bad experience with a used phone purchased from Amazon I found it difficult to trust another company to get a used phone. I wanted to find someone local to get my business and found Orchard through google. Orchard has a great web-site and great customer service.They are quick to respond and made sure I got my phone on time which is pretty impressive. I got my phone in a couple of days in a wonderfully packaged box. My phone is what they advertised it was and am very happy with it.I will use Orchard again for all my phone needs." Jane Mikas August 2016 (Google+)
"Incredibly impressed, would recommend. My iPhone 5s arrived the next day! Maybe because I'm close to Toronto, but I was expecting it after the weekend. Even though the condition was listed as "good", it looks brand new. Works like new as well. Am planning on ordering another phone for my mom." Ina Radzikowski June 2016 (Google+)
  1. If you don’t love your iPhone, Orchard will make it right

Swappa’s hands are tied when it comes to resolving disputes between buyers and sellers— because of their limited involvement in the selling process, they also take advantage of the fact that they have limited liability if something goes wrong.

Instead, Orchard believes even the most casual phone user needs a reliable, high quality device. That's why we offer a comprehensive 90-day warranty on every phone, with the option to extend to 1 full year. And while some companies (ahem, Apple) make you pay extra for customer support, we offer unlimited access to our team of iPhone experts so you can get the most out of your phone.

Orchard offers unlimited access to device experts. Our open advice and comprehensive warranty gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind.

"My daughter and granddaughter are both thrilled with their "new to them" 5s phones and how quickly they arrived to us. I am thrilled with how easy it was to purchase them and not be worried about their quality or source. I never write reviews for online purchases but will be for yours and will tell my friends about your great business - thank you Orchard!" Sherri McFadden September 2016 (Google+)
"I love this new concept business! I had ordered a 16GB phone, but because it was out of stock they sent me a 32GB phone at no extra cost!! I'm so pleased with the customer service thus far, and the free shipping was so speedy (2 days). I would definitely recommend Orchard to a friend or family member." Valery Ravera September 2016 (Google+)
  1. Great prices based on hard data

On Swappa, sellers get to set the price. How do you know if you’re paying too much? The answer: you don’t.

With Orchard’s smart analytics, we determine the fair market value for all iPhones for sale on our website. This price is set based on the condition of the phone and the prices of similar phones on other marketplaces, like Swappa. We calculate a price for each phone that actually reflects what it is worth. That price is the price you pay— nothing more, nothing less. This means our prices are not only affordable, they're fair.

"I was a little nervous about buying a used iPhone from a website, considering the low price of the devices. Turned out. Best decision ever. The website is efficient and so is the communication with the company. My phone looks brand new and so far it's been working greatly. They shipped it promptly and fast and it got to my house after two business day from my order." Chloe April 2016 (Google+)
"I bought an unlocked iPhone 6 through Orchard. The website scared me at first- it seemed too good to be true. However, from their customer relationship skills to the time that they promised for the product to be delivered, this company was 100% reliable. Way to beee!" Ivy Patterson August 2016 (Google+)
"After breaking my phone, I needed a replacement immediately and did not want to pay the $550 to $600 for a new phone from Rogers. I ordered a used Iphone 5 at 9pm and was able to pick up the phone the next morning. It is in near perfect condition and they even let me take 3 cases at no cost. They also guarantee the battery for one year and the phone can be returned the first 90 days for any reason. They provide great, prompt service and reliable used phones. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that doesn't like paying full price for new phones." James Moore April 2016 (Google+)
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