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Orchard vs Glyde

Orchard is a safe, simple alternative to buying an iPhone on Glyde.
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If you’re looking to buy an affordable used iPhone, you’re probably weighing your options and doing some research to make sure you’re making the right choice. Orchard is all about making decisions simple. That’s why we have put together some info that’ll help you decide on the best place for you to buy a used iPhone.

Below, you’ll find the information you’ll need to compare Orchard and Glyde, including customer experiences, prices, and thoughts from real people who have recently bought an iPhone from Orchard.

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  1. Orchard only sells the best used iPhones

Looking for a high quality and affordable iPhone? Come to Orchard! While Glyde carries everything from broken phones, tablets, and even video games, Orchard specializes in high-quality used iPhones. We do one thing and we do it well. That means no junk devices: no stolen phones, no cracked screens, no water damage, and no issues activating. We will refund every penny of the purchase price should anything go wrong with your phone up to 90 days after it arrives.

"The absolute best place to get an off contract iPhone (and I've checked many others). I bought a 'like new' iPhone - not a scratch on it. Great battery life, and impeccable online service with the chat agents. The 90 day (option to extend to 1 year) warranty is a relief as well - you know you're in good hands. They'll even install a screen protector for you. It's a great service." Rick Rose November 2015 (Google+)
"I strongly recommend buying your used iphone from Orchard. We learned about them through our kijiji search for a "new" used iphone for our 14-year old son. Using Orchard was WAY easier, more convenient, and more confidence-inspiring than checking in with a variety of individual sellers on kijiji, which had been our previous experience. No worries that the phone will die within the first few days. No worries that you're buying a stolen phone. The whole shopping process took about 15 minutes. I loved that I could filter my search by phone model, colour, size of memory, and quality. This enabled me to zero in on exactly what we were looking for. The pricing seems incredibly fair, particularly given the lack of hassle and worry. The follow-up customer service was fantastic -- we paid for rush shipping but Canada Post failed to deliver, and Orchard readily refunded our fee. They also followed up with us to ensure we're satisfied and have been very responsive to all our questions (I am a big question asker!). We've only had our "new" phone for a day right now. I will edit this review if our sense of Orchard changes. But based on our experience so far the plan is that we will be buying all our future phones through Orchard. Can't recommend them strongly enough!" Elizabeth Troutt May 2016 (Google+)
  1. When it comes to used iPhones, Orchard is the leading standard for quality.

Orchard’s team of quality experts gets their hands on every device that comes through our doors. Before being listed for sale in our inventory, each phone must pass two independent 30-point quality inspections by two experts. Along with tools to check internal components, manual tests are done to mirror real world use. Only phones that work like new are listed for sale in our inventory.

Our quality assurance combines smart analytics with a human touch. Each phone has inspection and servicing done by hand with the end-user in mind— that means you!

"From the moment I clicked on the store ad, I knew I wanted to try buying from them after searching elsewhere for a good deal on a phone. I chose Orchard because they have the best deals and provide excellent customer service. The phone and accessories I purchased from them were promptly received and were exactly as described. I didn't encounter a problem setting it up with a new sim card. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I highly recommend using Orchard's services." Sheila Tulok November 2016 (Google+)
"The phone looks brand new, works perfectly ! the delivery was so fast , i got it in 2 days. I hightly suggest buying from them , it's a great compagny that need more views , im really happy with my new phone :) !" Sandy Tischuk May 2016 (Google+)
  1. If you don’t love your iPhone, Orchard will make it right

Orchard believes even the most casual phone user needs a reliable, high quality device. That's why we offer a comprehensive 90-day warranty on every phone, with the option to extend to 1 full year. Plus, our customer support team checks in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

Our dedicated support agents are standing by to help you figure out which phone is right for you. We can even help you transition from your old phone to your new one.

We also don’t cut you off after you’ve purchased. While some companies (ahem, Apple) make you pay extra for customer support, we offer unlimited access to our team of iPhone experts so you can get the most out of your phone while you own it.

We're here for you with personal support, all day, every day, no matter what you need.

"obviously a little nervous buying a phone online, but the 32 GB Iphone 5s i recieved was amazing, worked like a charm, still does. Customer service was really friendly too when I called. I have expected the reviews to be fake but after experiencing the great service first hand, i can proudly say that i am a happy customer. Definitely use Orchard for affordable used phones that work and look just like new" Joe May 2016 (Google+)
"Fantastic customer service, great product, easy to use, super fast turnaround. I can't believe I ever considered buying a phone off some weirdo on Craigslist. If you're being wishy washy about this, listen to me. These folks are the real deal." David Laing May 2016 (Google+)
  1. Orchard offers prices based on hard data

With Orchard’s smart analytics, we determine the fair market value for all iPhones for sale on our website. This price is set based on the condition of the phone and the prices of similar phones on other marketplaces, like Glyde. We calculate a price for each phone that actually reflects what it is worth. That price is the price you pay— nothing more, nothing less. This means our prices are not only affordable, they're fair.

"Well worth the money. I got an iPhone from them quickly and it was in great shape. The price was right too!" Kryon Baxter May 2016 (Google+)
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