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Orchard vs eBay

Orchard is a safe, simple alternative to buying an iPhone on eBay.
Here is why you should shop with Orchard...

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Thinking of buying a used iPhone on eBay or a similar marketplace? Orchard is all about making things simple. That’s why we have put together some info that’ll help you decide on the best place for you to buy a used phone.

Below, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to compare Orchard and eBay, including features, customer experiences, pricing, and thoughts from actual customers who have recently bought from Orchard.

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  1. Buying an iPhone on Orchard is easier than buying on eBay’s cluttered marketplace.

You can find anything and everything on eBay. This means that you’ll have to wade through a lot of listings and other noise that makes it more difficult to find the iPhone you want.

Instead, Orchard specializes in buying and selling high quality used iPhones. We do this one thing and we do it well. You can look forward to spending only seconds to sift through our inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for. Each phone’s product page clearly lists the phone’s cosmetic condition, compatible carriers, and other important info. All this without having to navigate a maze of phones you aren’t interested in.

"Everything about this process was so painless. The price was cheaper than other online phone sales and much less sketchy than buying a phone on eBay or Craig's List. Customer service was interactive and responsive. The phone shipped out almost immediately and arrived faster than expected. It looks brand new and works perfectly. I will definitely use Orchard again the next time I need to replace or upgrade a phone." Nancy Schrimpf August 2016 (Google+)
  1. When it comes to used iPhones, Orchard is the leading standard for quality.

Orchard knows used iPhones inside and out. We pioneered the most rigorous quality testing around and even built our own tools to measure and track the performance of every iPhone component.

Before being listed on our site, each iPhone must pass two independent rounds of quality tests, each measuring over 30 essential features on a phone. That means no junk devices: no stolen phones, no cracked screens, no water damage, and no issues activating. We will refund every penny of the purchase price should anything go wrong with your phone up to 90 days after it arrives.

"Needed a new phone as my phone was stolen, and did not want to buy a new one (as I need an unlocked phone)... best decision I ever made to go with Orchard. True to their word on quality of phone; prices were very reasonable. Customer "advocacy" (love that Orchard uses this term instead of 'service') is amazing and top notch! Thanks for all your help -- will definitely use the service again!" Andrea Thompson November 2015 (Google+)
  1. Orchard lives and breathes customer support.

While eBay pits buyers and sellers against each other, Orchard is 100% focused on you. That’s why our customer support team checks in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

Our dedicated support agents are standing by to help you figure out which phone is right for you. We can even help you transition from your old phone to your new one.

We also don't cut you off after you've purchased. While some companies (ahem, Apple) make you pay extra for customer support, we offer unlimited access to our team of iPhone experts so you can get the most out of your phone while you own it.

We're here for you with personal support, all day, every day, no matter what you need.

"I found the link to Orchards webpage on the Public Mobile website. I was looking for a new phone and they recommended Orchard. I took a look at some phones and their prices and then checked some other sites like Amazon, E-bay , Factory Direct, Best Buy and even Walmart and a few others. NOBODY could beat Orchards prices!!! The customer service was OUTSTANDING!! It has been the best service I have EVER experienced when purchasing something on the Internet. This shipping was lightening fast and they dont even charge you for it!!!! I received my iPhone and it was in brand NEW condition. If me and my family ever need another cell phone I will most definitely be using Orchard. I highly recommend Orchard and already have to my friends and family! A big THANK YOU to the Orchard website and staff!!" Leona Buttigieg November 2016 (Google+)
  1. Sellers name their price on eBay, Orchard uses algorithms instead.

On eBay, prices for used iPhones are less than objective. It can make you worry that you're paying too much or, worse, that a deal is too good to be true.

Buying a used iPhone with Orchard means you don't have to worry about getting a fair price. With our smart analytics, we determine the fair market value for all devices listed on Orchard. This price is set based on the condition of the phone and the prices of similar phones on other marketplaces.

That price is the price you pay— nothing more, nothing less. This means our prices are not only affordable, they're fair.

"The Apple experience at half the price! I will never buy an iPhone anywhere else again. My iPhone 5s arrived from Orchard last week, and the experience was fantastic! My phone looks great and works perfectly. Everything went according to plan; the shipping, tracking, packaging, condition of my phone, carrier set-up and level of support all met or exceeded my expectations. The bottom line: buy your iPhone from Orchard, it just makes sense!" James Turner November 2015 (Google+)
"Great experience with Orchard! Much easier and safer than buying from random eBay/craigslist sellers, and a lot cheaper than buying new. Buyers know the devices have been tested and pass inspection, and if there is a problem there is support to get it resolved. Free one day shipping sure beats shady meetups in parking lots to hand over cash! Excellent customer service too - Orchard answers questions individually and follows up to make sure all is well. Easier for sellers as well - hassle free way to get a fair price for your used device when you upgrade." Kathy O’Craven November 2015 (Google+)
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