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Orchard vs Craigslist

Orchard is a safe, simple alternative to buying an iPhone on Craigslist.
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If you're thinking about buying a used iPhone off of Craigslist or a similar marketplace, you're probably doing some research to make sure you're making the right choice. Orchard is all about making decisions simple. That's why we have put together some info that'll help you decide on the best place for you to buy a used iPhone.

Below, you'll find the information you'll need to compare Orchard and Craigslist, including customer experiences, prices, and thoughts from real people who have recently bought from Orchard.

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  1. Buying a used iPhone from Orchard is easier than using Craigslist's cluttered marketplace.

What's worse than wading through tons of bogus listings when you're looking for something specific? Craigslist is notorious for sellers posting spam. We think of spam listings as noise that makes it more difficult for you to find what you want. Not to mention that when you finally find a phone you're interested in, you'll probably have to meet your seller at a mutually inconvenient subway station.

With Orchard, you can look forward to spending only seconds to sift through our inventory to find exactly what you're looking for. Each phone's product page clearly lists the phone's cosmetic condition, compatible carriers, and other important info. All this without having to navigate a maze of phones you aren't interested in.

"Amazing! Everything the website specified, phone was like new, worked perfectly, and came very quickly in the mail. I will never buy a phone from craigslist again. Orchard is great, not sketchy in the slightest, so you don't have to worry about buying something black listed or not as specified on the website." Lauren Rietchel August 2016 (Google+)
"Fantastic customer service, great product, easy to use, super fast turnaround. I can't believe I ever considered buying a phone off some weirdo on Craigslist. If you're being wishy washy about this, listen to me. These folks are the real deal." David Laing July 2016 (Google+)
  1. When it comes to used iPhones, Orchard is the leading standard for quality.

Anyone can list an iPhone on Craigslist. If you're not an expert, it can be really hard to know what to look for to make sure you're getting a quality device. That's why more people choose to trust Orchard for buying used.

Orchard knows used iPhones inside and out. We pioneered the most rigorous quality testing around and even built our own tools to measure and track the performance of every iPhone component.

We are obsessive about quality. That's why we put our hands on every device that comes through our doors. Before being listed for sale in our inventory, each phone must pass two independent 30-point quality inspections by two experts. Along with tools to check internal components, manual tests are done to mirror real world use. Only phones that work like new are listed for sale in our inventory.

"My old iPhone 4 was on its last legs and crashing at a moment's notice so I needed a new phone ASAP! I dreaded looking on Kijiji or Craigslist for a phone but then my uncle recommended Orchard. I checked it out and it looked pretty good so I bought an iPhone 5C 32GB in very good condition at a great price! My billing information did not match my shipping information so their customer service team reached out to me soon after my purchase to confirm the information. They also offered the option of having the phone mailed out to me or coming by their office to pick it up. I opted to pick it up and was able to get my phone same day! The phone was charged and ready to go and they even helped me install the SIM Card. Old iPhone 4's have a different SIM than iPhone 5's so they cut the card down and got it working right away. Super happy with the service from Orchard and I would highly recommend it if you're shopping for a new iPhone!" David Biondi March 2016 (Google+)
  1. Orchard lives and breathes customer support.

While Craigslist has virtually nonexistent customer support, Orchard is 100% focused on you. That's why our customer support team checks in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

Our dedicated support agents are standing by to help you figure out which phone is right for you. We can even help you transition from your old phone to your new one.

We also don't cut you off after you've purchased. While some companies (ahem, Apple) make you pay extra for customer support, we offer unlimited access to our team of iPhone experts so you can get the most out of your phone while you own it.

We're here for you with personal support, all day, every day, no matter what you need.

"Orchard's customer service is excellent! It was my first iPhone and I had some questions and needed help, and everything was taken care of promptly and in a professional manner. I am so glad I went to Orchard to buy my new phone. It is perfect. When they say "like new" it really looks brand new. Thanks so much to Maks and Bianca for everything they did to ensure I am a happy customer. I would definitely buy a phone from Orchard again." Lisa Matchett November 2015 (Google+)
"Great experience all around. Placed my order and in less then 24hrs the phone was at my door. Customer service checked in to make sure everything was satisfactory and said they would be happy to help if there were any issues with setup which there was not. The phone was exactly as described in the post, and was actually in better condition then I had imagined. I was worried originally about buying a phone online but those worries were quickly put to rest by Orchard's fantastic customer service and overall ease of website use. I would highly recommend using them for your purchase of an affordable, as described and guaranteed phone!" Shaun Brandon July 2016 (Google+)
  1. Sellers name their price on Craigslist, Orchard uses algorithms instead.

On Craigslist, prices for used iPhones are less than objective. It can make you worry that you're paying too much or, worse, that a deal is too good to be true.

Buying a used iPhone with Orchard means you don't have to worry about getting a fair price. With our smart analytics, we determine the fair market value for all devices listed on Orchard. This price is set based on the condition of the phone and the prices of similar phones on other marketplaces.

That price is the price you pay— nothing more, nothing less. This means our prices are not only affordable, they're fair.

"I've purchased two iPhones through Orchard now, and both of them have worked perfectly. Great prices for such new devices, and fast shipping too! I've also sold a couple devices to Orchard and its also a fast and easy process for buying!" Derek D June 2016 (Google+)
"Just purchased my 4th iPhone from Orchard (for various family members as well as myself).The customer service is amazing, and shipping is super fast. All phones have been in excellent condition and reasonably priced!!" Mark Campbell May 2016 (Google+)
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