How it Works

Orchard gets good quality devices into the hands of good quality people

Looking to buy or sell a used smart device? Orchard is the online service that makes it easy, affordable, and surprisingly enjoyable. We remove the unnecessary anxiety and cost so you can get connected on your own terms.

Unlike other resellers, Orchard offers sellers a price for their phone that actually reflects its market value. This way, more people sell, less devices end up collecting dust, and no one has to haggle with a stranger to buy a used phone ever again.

Middlemen get a bad rap these days. But with Orchard in the middle, getting your hands on awesome hardware is a cinch.

Lifecycle of a Phone

See an Orchard phone's journey from start to finish

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Lifecycle of an Orchard Phone


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How we cut the premium price tag

Any price tag comes with the question, "But is it actually worth that much?" We remove any doubt. Our phones are priced according to Fair Market Value, which is an average of what each phone will sell for across other online marketplaces.That price is the price you pay— nothing more, nothing less. This means our prices are not only affordable, they're fair.

Algorithms: the Secret Sauce

Selling a phone with Orchard starts with the Orchard app. After a series of diagnostic tests, it calculates a price for each phone. Its pricing algorithm takes into account each phone's storage capacity, model, external condition, and other factors. We then deduct a selling fee and generate an in-app quote. Understanding the state of your phone before it reaches us means we can make higher offers. This gets our sellers paid more than any other resale program.

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Quality: Guaranteed

We are obsessive about quality. That's why we put our hands on every device that comes through our doors. Before being listed for sale in our inventory, each phone must pass two independent 30-point quality inspections by two experts. Along with tools to check internal components, manual tests are done to mirror real world use. Only phones that work like new are listed for sale in our inventory.

Tools of the trade

Like a book and its cover, you can't judge a smartphone by its screen alone. Tools didn't exist for us to appraise the internal parts of a smartphone, so we built some ourselves. We put some of this technology to work in the Orchard app, which helps our sellers test, price, and register a smartphone for sale with us.

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If you don't love it, we'll make it right

Even the most casual phone user needs a reliable, high quality device. That's why we offer a comprehensive 90-day warranty on every phone, with the option to extend to 1 full year. And while some companies (ahem, Apple) make you pay extra for customer support, we offer unlimited access to our team of smartphone experts so you can get the most out of your phone.

Sell your phone. Minus the rigamarole.

No one should have to meet a stranger at a subway station to sell their phone. That's why we take care of everything involved in selling a phone. You get paid and we take full responsibility in making sure your phone's new owner loves it as much as you did.

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Lifecycle of a Phone

See an Orchard phone's journey from start to finish

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