Here’s what to do if you want to send multiple phones to Orchard, but not quite enough to get set up as a bulk seller.

When a few phones are registered through the Orchard app, we will typically send only one box when we mail out your shipping materials. The option to request a shipping label and use your own box is, of course, also available. Don’t worry about the parcel being too heavy! The shipping label will cover the weight of multiple phones.

You can find guidelines for what materials you’ll need to send your phones in to us here.

If you’d like to include a phone not registered in the app, feel free to do so. We simply ask for a little note to let us know your intention is to sell the phone, and it didn’t just fall in the box accidentally!

If your plan is to sell ten or more phones, it might be in your interest to get set up as a bulk seller. Just get in touch with our bulk sales team here.