If you selected to have a shipping box sent to your address, we have included everything you need to safely get your phone to our headquarters. If you have opted to just print the shipping label, you can use these instructions as guidelines for what materials you’ll need to send your phone in to us.

  1. Place your phone in a bubble wrap sleeve and seal it to prevent any movement. If you’re including your original packaging, we recommend placing your bubble-wrapped phone in your original phone box.
  2. Place your phone in a shipping box and secure with scrunched up packing paper. The amount of paper needed will vary depending on if you are including the original phone box. Make sure you included enough paper so that there is little movement in the contents of the shipping box.
  3. Seal your shipping box with the provided stickers. A good seal is crucial for a safe journey to our headquarters.

Please see this video for a walkthrough of these instructions.