If the home button of your iPhone 4S, 5 or 5C seems sticky or unresponsive, try giving it a cleaning.

1. Turn off your phone

2. Dip a q-tip into isopropyl alcohol (ideally 99%, but 70% would do) and press into home button, applying pressure until the home button ‘clicks’ numerous times (the idea is to get the alcohol in behind the home button). A drop or two of alcohol should squeeze out of the q-tip in the process.

3. Flip phone over and rub home button with a dry cloth, applying pressure to ensure that it clicks numerous times.

4. Repeat this 1 or 2 times.

Let dry for 5 minutes before turning the phone back on.

If that doesn’t improve things then there is a more significant issue with the home button and it needs to be replaced. If that does improve things but it is not back to 100%, then it may be necessary to repeat a couple more times.

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