Battery troubleshooting should start by making sure software is up to date and fully restoring your device. To do this, first back up the data on your iPhone— read our instructions on backing up your device here. Then, erase all content and settings. Learn how to reset your content and settings here.

If you still experience issues with the battery on your iPhone, it might be a calibration problem— your phone is having a hard time knowing how much battery is actually left.

All you need to do is run the iPhone’s battery all the way to 0%. If it indicates that it is out of battery and shuts down on you before reaching 0%, just wait a few minutes, turn it back on and use it until it turns off again. Repeat until the phone no longer responds after a few minutes’ wait . Then, plug in your phone and charge it back to 100%. Once it reaches a full charge, run your phone back down again and the battery reading should be more accurate as it approaches 0%.

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