Selling with Concierge

What is Concierge?

Concierge is a service that lets you sit back and relax while Orchard handles all aspects of your sale. The first step in this process is downloading and running the Orchard app on the phone you’d like to sell with us. 

After we show you the resale price of your phone in the app, you’ll be able to register it with our Concierge selling service. You can decide how quickly you’d like to receive your payment and provide us an address where we can mail you all the shipping materials you’ll need to get your phone safely to our headquarters. 

You’ll receive confirmation emails from us at each stage of the sale of your phone to keep you in the loop. You can expect to be paid through an Interac E-Transfer at the end of your selling window. Find out more about selling times here.

How quickly will I get paid?

That’s your call. 

When you register your phone with Concierge, you’ll be able to choose the selling window for your sale. Your selling window is the maximum time we have to sell your phone for you. This window ranges from 1 day to 4 weeks. The longer you wait, the more we’ll pay you for your phone.

We’ll begin counting down your selling window once we receive your phone and verify that it has passed all of our tests. We will notify you by email once your selling window has started counting down.

You will see the payment for your phone within 24 hours of the last day of your selling window.

Can I increase my selling price?

Your selling price is determined by the condition of your phone and real-time data about what identical phones are selling for on other marketplaces. You’re free to include accessories, like EarPods or chargers, although they will not affect your final payout price and we will not be able to send them back.

How long do I have to send my phone in?

There is no set time limit on when you should have your phone sent in. However, the price we quoted you is only valid for one month from the date that you received your shipping materials. Beyond that month, we’re more than happy to accept your phone but our offer will decline as time passes.

If you have a phone that has not been mailed in for over a month, we will send you an updated offer once it reaches our headquarters. 

After registering, can I change or cancel my sale?

Absolutely. Registering your phone with us does not obligate you to sell. If you’d like to cancel, contact us here and let us know. 

We’d also be happy to adjust your selling window and associated payout amount. Just send us an email detailing the selling window you’d like to switch to and we can make the change for you.

Can I sell my phone if it is locked to a regional carrier?


We can only accept phones into our inventory that are unlocked or locked to:
– Rogers
– Telus
– Bell (excluding BellMTS)
– Chatr
– Freedom
– Koodo
– Fido
– Virgin

If you have a phone that is locked to any other carrier (ie: Videotron, Sasktel, BellMTS, etc.), we simply ask that you unlock the phone prior to listing it for sale.

Will you accept my damaged phone?

Yep. We will make you an offer on a damaged phone — just make sure to accurately report any damage within the Orchard app while registering.

If your phone is so damaged that you can’t download the app, you can use our online selling form.

Depending on the damage of a used phone, it can either be repaired or recycled. Orchard can usually save some parts of the phone to use for our own repairs, and unused parts will be recycled to prevent e-waste.

How do you send payment?

We will send an Interac E-transfer to the email you used to register your phone with us. You should see this payment within 24 hours of the last day of your selling window. 

On request, we also send payment by PayPal or cheque. Please let us know if this is an option you’d prefer.

What happens if my phone doesn’t sell?

Once we accept your phone into our inventory, your selling window will start. You will get paid at the end of your selling window. You will be paid at the end of your selling window even if your phone doesn’t sell by then!

Am I guaranteed to receive the price you quote in the app?

The Orchard app is just first in a series of quality checks done on every phone before it is listed on our website for sale. After your phone arrives at our headquarters, our intake team will verify that it meets Orchard’s quality standards through further manual inspection.

Although rare, your phone might be repriced down if we identify issues that were not recorded in the app, or if the condition of the phone is not as-described. If you are repriced, we will confirm with you before moving forward at the adjusted price.

You have the option to accept the revised offer or have the phone shipped back to you. If we don’t hear back from you, we will reach out twice more. After 30 days, we will send the phone back to the address on file.

That being said, if we feel your phone is in better shape than registered in the app, we’ll be happy to offer more money!