Recycling with Free Geek

How else can I get involved?

Free Geek is always looking for volunteers willing to get involved with the non-profit. You can fill out an application on their website by clicking here. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and see the refurbished computers they have for sale. You can also make a monetary donation that […]

Why is e-waste so important?

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste in the industrialized world. Today, the average lifespan of a device is about two years. Electronics are packed with toxic chemicals that need to be properly disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Every year, 50 percent of Canada’s e-waste ends up in non-regulated recycling operations in places like […]

What kinds of e-waste do they accept?

Free Geek will take any kind of electronics from smartphones and tablets to computers and video projectors. The only thing they will not accept are home appliances, which are handled by different companies. For their full list of accepted items, click here to visit their website.

Does Free Geek offer a pick-up?

Free Geek offers a paid pick-up of e-waste that covers most of downtown Toronto, North York and Scarborough. The pick-up service starts at $40 for locations closest to their office. You can also check out their service map to see the different costs per area. All proceeds for the pickups help support the operational costs […]

Where is Free Geek Toronto located?

Free Geek Toronto is located at 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto ON, M6J 0A8. You can even call 416-572-3738 when you arrive at their office and staff will meet you at your vehicle to help you unpack! They’re open everyday of the week except Monday and you can see their full hours of operation here.

What happens to their donations?

Free Geek accepts all donations of electronic waste. Computers are refurbished and re-sold at low prices for community members who could not normally afford one. Any e-waste that cannot be reused is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner with direction from the Ontario Electronics Stewardship.

Why do we recommend Free Geek?

Orchard and Free Geek share a similar mission and belief that it is important to remove the barriers that prevent everyone from affordable access to devices. It’s easy to see why we send our e-waste to a company that shares our values. Whether it’s connecting someone with the latest and greatest or providing an older […]

What is e-waste?

Every time you throw out an old keyboard, printer, cellphone or any other electronic device it is considered electronic waste, or e-waste. Orchard focuses on buying and selling quality used smartphones, but we also care about making sure electronics stay out of landfills. Though our business focuses on phone resale, we will always send any e-waste […]

Who is Free Geek?

Originally founded in Portland, Oregon in 2000, Free Geek is a non-profit who accepts e-waste donations to be recycled. They also sell refurbished computers to low-income community members. Since their launch, they have expanded to several locations across North America. Free Geek Toronto opened in 2009 and has been working to make this a place where […]