Preparing for Sale

Should I remove my SIM card before sending my phone in?

Removing your SIM card is never a bad idea, especially because you could always use it in another phone. However, if you do end up including your SIM card, we will remove and dispose of it once your phone reaches our headquarters. Because a SIM card is associated with you and your carrier, we never […]

How do I use this shipping label?

If you’ve opted to print out your own shipping label, please make sure that you select to print at “Actual Size” in the settings of your printer. Take your shipping label and attach it to the shipping box using tape or another adhesive. The most important part of the label is the barcode, which must […]

How do I pack a phone for safe shipping?

If you selected to have a shipping box sent to your address, we have included everything you need to safely get your phone to our headquarters. If you have opted to just print the shipping label, you can use these instructions as guidelines for what materials you’ll need to send your phone in to us. Place […]

How do I remove my personal information?

Before wiping the phone clean of personal information, make sure the important data you’d like to keep is backed up. See more about how to backup your data here. You’ll also need to remove your iCloud account from your device— learn about that here. Now that your data is backed up and your iCloud account […]

How do I remove my iCloud account from my iPhone?

To sign out of iCloud on your device, go to the Settings application and go into your Apple ID settings. This will be at the very top of Settings. In here, you will see “iCloud”. Clicking on this item will bring you to your iCloud settings. From here, scroll down and make sure that “Find […]

How do I back up the data on my iPhone?

The easiest way to back up your data is using your iCloud account. Using iCloud to back up your iPhone is an automatic solution that will let you restore your content from almost anywhere using WiFi.  To set up iCloud backups:  Tap Settings > iCloud > Backup. If you’re using iOS 7 or earlier, tap […]