Our Inventory

How do you stock your inventory?

Orchard’s inventory comes from people who sell their phones to Orchard through our app. The Orchard app ensures that a phone is fully functional through a rigorous testing process. We also work with wholesale partners and obtain phones through our corporate buyback program.

Once a phone arrives at our office, it goes through another two rounds of in-hand quality testing. We only sell phones that pass all our tests, so that our buyers know they are buying a fully functional device.

Are the photos online of the actual phone for sale?


Each phone page on our website represents all the phones we have in stock that fit that description, not just one phone. Our inventory moves very quickly, so it wouldn’t be possible to get pictures of every single device. However, the photos are representative of a phone in Good, Very Good, or Like New condition. 

You can read more on these condition tiers here.

Does Orchard use OEM parts for repairs?


Apple and their authorized service partners are the only companies in the world that can source genuine Apple OEM parts. Instead, Orchard uses third-party parts that are rigorously tested and that we trust. This means that a phone repaired at Orchard could have non-OEM parts.

Which phones will work with my Public Mobile SIM card?

Public Mobile is a SIM-only, bring-your-own-phone brand. Orchard is here to help set you up with that phone! Not every phone will work with your Public Mobile SIM card. Here’s which ones will:

First off, any unlocked phone can be used with a Public Mobile SIM card.

You can also use a phone that is locked to Telus or Koodo. Telus, Koodo, and Public Mobile are partners, so their phones can be used interchangeably.

Still unsure? Contact us!

Can I use an unlocked phone internationally?

Yes. An unlocked phone will work with any GSM compatible carrier abroad. GSM carriers make up about 93% of all wireless carriers internationally, so you shouldn’t have any problems locating one in the country of your destination. 

When you take an unlocked phone to a different country, we recommend buying a SIM card for a local carrier. Activating your phone on a pay-as-you-go plan will allow you to pay local rates and avoid your home carrier’s roaming rates.

Please note: in some cases, you may only be able to receive 3G data when in a foreign country. 3G is a bit older than the most recent wireless network technologies and so is a bit slower too. LTE, which is the current standard, isn’t available everywhere yet. If you’re so inclined to read about why, we recommend this article

Are phones I see listed on the website actually in stock?

Yes, the phones you see listed on our website have passed a final round of quality testing at our headquarters and have been officially added into our inventory. Since we receive new phones each day, our stock is changing constantly.

If we do not have a particular model in stock, sign up to be notified by email when the phone you’re looking for becomes available— simply use Phone Alert function here.

What operating system are your phones running?

Although we won’t manually update each phone, most phones in our inventory are running the latest OS version available.

If you’re looking for a phone with a specific OS version, just let us know. Our team will be more than happy to search for you.

How do you know your phones aren’t stolen?

We guarantee that no phones sold by Orchard are or will be reported stolen. The most important thing to us is standing behind each phone that we sell, so we will replace your phone or refund you if your Orchard phone appears on the blacklist ever, even if your warranty with us has expired. 

It’s important to note that we work very hard to ensure that we do not traffic in stolen devices. To date, Orchard has not had any of our phones reported as stolen.

We take a few precautions to make sure a stolen phone never gets listed in our inventory. The first and most important precaution is checking all our inventory against the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association’s national blacklist of lost and stolen phones. We also conduct two rounds of quality tests on all of our phones, making sure that the device is no longer associated with the account and SIM card of the previous owner.

Click here to view our Global TV segment where we discuss issues around stolen phones.

Are your phones unlocked? Are they factory unlocked?

Not all phones, no. We sell a few phones that are locked to a carrier, and they are clearly marked with that carrier’s logo.

Some of the unlocked phones are factory unlocked, and some have been unlocked by their carriers. But this is not a difference that will affect you at all as a buyer. A phone unlocked by a carrier and a factory unlocked phone are virtually identical— the only difference is how they became unlocked.


How do you check for battery quality?

Part of our 30-point quality check includes an extensive battery test. We use tools that allow us to measure how much of the battery capacity is left, i.e. how much of a charge it can hold, and compare that to how much the battery was designed to hold when it was manufactured. This way, we’re making sure that the battery performs close to new, otherwise we replace it. And we know we aren’t selling a phone that will experience problems down the road.

Why are some phones listed with a carrier?

Phones listed with a specific carrier are guaranteed to work only on that specific carrier. These are called “locked” phones, as they are manufactured with software locks that prohibit them from being used on just any carrier out there.  It’s important to remember that being listed with a carrier is a matter of compatibility none of these phones come with a contract or specific plan attached. 

We also carry a wide range of unlocked phones. An unlocked phone is one that can be used with almost any carrier. Learn more about unlocked phones here.

Are there still contracts associated with Orchard phones?

No. A wireless contract is associated with a specific person and not the phone itself. Transferring a contract between people takes a lot more than simply buying a phone– usually both parties have to sign a Transfer of Responsibility and other legal documents. This means you’re able to buy a used phone without its baggage (the contract).

You can use any compatible Orchard phone with your existing plan or choose the plan that’s right for you. When activating your Orchard phone with your carrier, make sure you mention that you already own a phone, as you can save between $15-$30/month on the price of your plan (depending on plan and carrier). 

What does the device condition mean?

Every phone that Orchard sells is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to be in perfect working condition. That being said, some used phones look a bit newer than others.

This is why we rate each phone as either Like-New, Very Good, or Good to refer to the cosmetic appearance. Here’s what each of those ratings means:


This is the best condition you can reasonably expect for a used phone. Please note that the condition for a Like-New iPhone 5 vs. a Like-New iPhone 8 might vary slightly due to the increased wear and tear on older models. That being said, all Orchard Like-New devices will be free of any clearly visible dents or chips on the front of the phone. Any imperfections, if present, will usually be found on the back or side of the device.

Very Good

This condition will mark a phone that has been gently used, but well taken care of. As with all of our phones, a Very Good phone will not have any major imperfections. You might notice some light scuffing on the side of the device, or some light scratches on the body. If there are any imperfections on the front screen, none of these will be visible when your screen is illuminated. Overall, these physical imperfections will not affect the daily use of your phone.


A phone in “Good” condition has been well used, showing some scuffing and/or chips on the body of the phone. There will probably be a few scratches, especially on the bezel or sides of the phone. However, all imperfections are merely cosmetic and will not affect the functionality of your device.

How do you price a phone?

The price for each phone is set according to its Fair Market Value, which is an average of what identical phones are selling for across other marketplaces, like Craigslist and eBay. This is how we determine how much a seller will be paid for their device, and how much we’ll list their phone for in our inventory.