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Can I Buy a Phone Locked To Freedom Mobile?

Yes, but you’ll only ever find an Android phone with a Freedom lock. If you’re looking for an iPhone to bring to Freedom, most unlocked phones will work for you, but not all of them. Some older models, like the iPhone 4S, are not compatible with Freedom’s network. To filter out these devices, you can […]

Which phones will work with my Public Mobile SIM card?

Public Mobile is a SIM-only, bring-your-own-phone brand. Orchard is here to help set you up with that phone! Not every phone will work with your Public Mobile SIM card. Here’s which ones will: First off, any unlocked phone can be used with a Public Mobile SIM card. You can also use a phone that is […]

Do I need a SIM card to activate my phone?

Yes! SIM cards allow you to swap devices without losing your phone number or other important information about your phone or your carrier. SIM cards are tied to your wireless plan and allow your phone to access your carrier’s wireless network. You don’t have the right SIM card for your new device? No problem! We […]

Are phones I see listed on the website actually in stock?

Yes, the phones you see listed on our website have passed a final round of quality testing at our headquarters and have been officially added into our inventory. Since we receive new phones each day, our stock is changing constantly. If we do not have a particular model in stock, sign up to be notified […]

What Operating System Are Your Phones Running?

Although we won’t manually upgrade each one of our phone, the majority of them are running the latest version of OS software available. If you’re looking for a phone running on a specific OS version, just let us know and our team will be more than happy to search for you.

How do you know your phones aren’t stolen?

We guarantee that no phones sold by Orchard are or will be reported stolen. The most important thing to us is standing behind each phone that we sell, so we will replace your phone or refund you if your Orchard phone appears on the blacklist ever, even if your warranty with us has expired.  It’s important to […]

Are all Orchard phones factory unlocked?

Not all phones, no. Some of the unlocked phones have been unlocked by their carriers. But this is not a difference that will affect you at all as a buyer. A phone unlocked by a carrier and a factory unlocked phone are virtually identical— the only difference is how they became unlocked. You can read […]

How do you check for battery quality?

Part of our 30-point quality check includes an extensive battery test. We use tools that allow us to measure how much of the battery capacity is left, i.e. how much of a charge it can hold, and compare that to how much the battery was designed to hold when it was manufactured. This way, we’re […]

Why are some phones listed with a carrier?

Phones listed with a specific carrier are guaranteed to work only on that specific carrier. These are called “locked” phones, as they are manufactured with software locks that prohibit them from being used on just any carrier out there.  It’s important to remember that being listed with a carrier is a matter of compatibility— none […]

Are there still contracts associated with Orchard phones?

No. A wireless contract is associated with a specific person and not the phone itself. Transferring a contract between people takes a lot more than simply buying a phone– usually both parties have to sign a Transfer of Responsibility and other legal documents. This means you’re able to buy a used phone without its baggage (the […]