The Orchard App

What if I want to sell more than one phone at once?

Here’s what to do if you want to send multiple phones to Orchard, but not quite enough to get set up as a bulk seller. When a few phones are registered through the Orchard app, we will typically send only one box when we mail out your shipping materials. The option to request a shipping […]

Where can I report a bug in the app?

You can report any issues with the app by emailing us directly here. Otherwise, you can provide us feedback in-app by clicking the top left corner of the app screen during testing. This will activate the app’s menu, where you will see a button for “Support”. Clicking this will allow you to provide feedback and […]

What kind of data does the Orchard app pull from my phone?

Aside from the information you manually enter in our app, like your name and email address, the Orchard app only pulls the metadata from your phone. We do this to help perform the diagnostic tests to evaluate the phone’s condition. Metadata contains no personal or private information, it only provides information about, for example, the […]

How long is this price valid for?

Before you complete the registration to sell your phone with Concierge, the selling price you see in the app is not guaranteed. This is because the market value for used phones is always changing and our prices change in relation. Once you register to sell your phone with Concierge, we will honour your quote if we receive […]

How do you determine what my phone is worth?

The Orchard app will price your phone according to its physical condition and fair market value. Your phone’s condition is tested through both manual and automated checks. Tested functions include: – battery life – water damage – screen condition – home button – sleep button – volume up/volume down – ear speakers – GPS – WiFi – […]

Can I use Orchard without running the app?

Yes! Selling with Orchard has never been easier! To get a quote for your phone, you can either test it using our our iOS/Android app or fill out the online form here We strongly suggest you use the Orchard app to get the highest price for your phone. The app will test for all […]

What do I need to run the Orchard app?

To use the Orchard app, you need to have at least an iPhone 4S that is running iOS 8.0 or newer or a Samsung S4 that is running Lollipop Android 5.0 or newer. Even if your phone is no longer connected to a wireless carrier, you can still use our app by connecting your phone […]

What is the Orchard App?

The Orchard app is the first step in the selling process. It is available to download in the App Store & Google Play for free. In under 3 minutes, it tests your phone’s most important hardware and software elements and helps you determine your phone’s condition. Using this data, our app determines a fair price […]