About Orchard

Does Orchard have sales?

We do! You can always toggle the “Show On Sale Only” filter on on our website to see what models are currently discounted. 

We sometimes have site-wide sales as well. Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media! 

Please note that promo codes do not stack up with site-wide discounts, and sale prices cannot be applied to orders placed before or after a sale starts. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at support@getorchard.com!

What is Orchard?

Orchard is a startup dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of used smartphones.

Orchard is a bit of a hybrid— part diagnostic app and part online marketplace. We built the first app of its kind that can test and evaluate a phone’s condition and find its fair price, all in under 3 minutes. The result is payouts up to $275 higher than with traditional resale programs. Orchard handles all the headaches in selling a phone, including providing all shipping materials, finding a buyer, and finalizing payment.

All phones sold with Orchard come through our headquarters, where they are further tested and cleaned up before heading to their new homes. That means any phone purchased with Orchard is high-quality and ready to use, which we back up with a 90-day warranty.

Though Orchard started with iPhones, our device lineup now features a variety of Samsung Galaxy phones and iPads.

Why Orchard?

We started Orchard to breathe some new life into the world of used technology.

Every idea starts with a problem; founding Orchard was no different. We knew buying and selling used electronics was too complicated, too de-centralized, too fraught with fraudsters and sketchy characters. With no trust and no real way of knowing if you were getting a fair deal, we knew our solution had to cut through the chaos of other online marketplaces.

By standardizing pricing, automating quality testing, and engaging with buyers and sellers directly, we’re able to provide high-quality used phones to customers in Canada.

Is Orchard a new company?

Orchard is still a fairly young company. We launched our selling service in March of 2014, which we count as our official birthday. You can read the original announcement post here and the follow-up announcement here!

Before then, Orchard was mainly a utility app that iPhone users could download to find out the Fair Market Value for their iPhone, with the hopes that they would secure their own sale. We spent this time perfecting our service before actually buying and selling phones ourselves.

Orchard now offers a diverse range of devices including Android smartphones and iPads.

Which devices does Orchard offer?

Orchard carries iPhones, Android phones and iPads.

Androids: all Samsung Galaxy S models from the Galaxy S5 to the latest model (except the S5 Neo and S10e). All Google Pixels from the Pixel 2 through 6a.

iPhones: all iPhone models from the iPhone 5S to the latest model.

We also carry a range of brand-new, official Apple/Samsung accessories, SIM cards, high-resolution screen protectors, and an extended device warranty.

We expect to add more devices again in the future, but we’re perfectionists. Before that, we’re working on providing the best service and knowing our products inside and out. Want to be the first to know when we support MacBooks or Galaxy Tabs? Sign up to our mailing list here.

Where are you located?

Orchard was founded in Toronto, Canada. Our headquarters are located at 213 Sterling Rd (Unit 110), Toronto, Ontario.

We’re open by appointment only from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, and from 10-1 and 2-6 on weekends. The fastest and easiest way to get your phone in person is to choose “In-Store Pickup” as your shipping option at checkout. We’ll email you a link to schedule your pickup, and the phone will be waiting for you when you arrive!

To book an appointment for a repair or to drop off a phone for sale, use this page. Before dropping a phone off for sale, please register it first!

Pickup is fast, easy and free, but if you need some hands-on assistance with buying a phone, you can book an appointment to make an in-store purchase so that one of our friendly Customer Advocates will be able to help out.

Can I work for Orchard?

We can’t make any promises, but we’d love to hear from you to see if you’d be a good fit for our team. 

You can check out our jobs page for more information on the positions we’re currently hiring for.