Is iPhone 8 Waterproof? Everything You Need To Know

Thinking about purchasing an iPhone 8? Recently dropped your iPhone 8 in the… um, sink? In either of those cases, you may be wondering: is iPhone 8 waterproof? 

This article will quickly and clearly cover everything you need to know about the iPhone 8’s waterproof rating.

Is the iPhone 8 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

First, let’s clarify the difference between the terms waterproof and water resistant. (For context as you’re reading these definitions, the iPhone 8 is water resistant, not waterproof.)

“Waterproof” means that a device is 100% sealed off from liquid entering inside it. Waterproof products can therefore withstand submersion in water for an indefinite period of time without liquid seeping into them.

On the other hand, “water resistant” means that a device is protected from water under certain conditions. Water resistance is typically associated with a depth of water pressure and a duration of exposure time. 

For example, in our article focused on determining if the iPhone X is waterproof, we discovered that Apple observed water resistance for this model up to a depth of 1 meter (3 feet) for a half hour.

So, for how long is the iPhone 8 waterproof? Or, more accurately, what are the limitations of the iPhone 8’s resistance to liquid damage.

The answer to that question resides in the iPhone 8’s IP rating.

iPhone 8: IP Rating of IP67

A device’s IP rating stands for “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection”, depending on who you ask. The IP code is a standardized measure of a product’s water resistance.

The iPhone 8 has an IP rating of IP67. This IP code has two numbers. The first number (6 in this case) ranges from 0 to 6 and speaks to a product’s protection from dust and other solid particles. As such, iPhone 8 boasts a perfect seal from solid particles!

The second number of the IP code (7 in this case) refers to water resistance. This number can range from 0 to 9. Given this rating, the iPhone 8 is not waterproof, technically speaking. 

The iPhone 8’s waterproof rating of 7 out of 9 means that it can resist water damage under 1 meter (3 feet) of fresh water for up to a maximum of 30 minutes. 

The following table shows a detailed breakdown of what each IP moisture rating means:

Source: The Comprehensive Guide to IP Ratings

Does Apple’s Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Unfortunately, no it doesn’t. 

Despite Apple marketing the waterproof nature of the iPhone 8, the company’s warranty does not cover liquid damage. Apple’s warranty documentation explicitly states this. 

Moreover, Apple specifically advises against bringing your iPhone 8 into contact with water. So, if your iPhone 8 has water damage, unfortunately Apple will not repair or replace it for you without charging you their out-of-warranty replacement cost.

In fact, every iPhone 8 even comes with an internal Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) which activates on contact with liquid. Here’s a diagram of the LCI’s location on an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. If the LCI has been activated as in the image below, Apple is unlikely to honour their warranty on the phone.


What To Do If Your Device Gets Wet

If your iPhone 8 comes into contact with water, don’t fret, it’s probably fine.

Referring back to your phone’s IP rating, it should be able to resist water damage under 1 meter (3 feet) of fresh water for up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

That being said, Apple warns that the waterproof seal may diminish with time, so you should still take the following precautions: 

  • If your phone is on, turn it off. If it turns itself off, leave it off!
  • Wipe up the water with a cloth as soon as possible.
  • Shake out any excess water from the device by lightly tapping it against your hand, charging port facing down.
  • Set your iPhone 8 in a dry location (may we suggest the well-known bowl of rice?), and make sure you don’t charge the device while it’s drying. You can speed up this process by aiming a cool air fan at the device, ideally directly at the charging port.

When in doubt, take the phone to the Apple Store or to a certified technician to have it inspected. 

Is the iPhone 8 Waterproof With A Cracked Screen?

One example of a situation where the guidelines above may not apply is if your iPhone 8 has a cracked screen. Apple mentions in its literature that each device’s water resistance is temporary in nature, and that wear and tear may diminish the waterproof rating. 

Therefore, if your iPhone 8 has a cracked screen it’s less likely to be protected against water damage. Any cracks may compromise the integrity of your iPhone 8’s water seal.

So, if the outer condition of your iPhone 8 is materially worse than when you purchased it, you’re at a greater risk of water damage.

Is the iPhone 8 Resistant To Liquids Other Than Water?

For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming that your iPhone was dropped in water — not any other liquid, such as coffee or juice. 

This is an important distinction because the IP rating provided by Apple technically only holds true for fresh water. The smartphone manufacturer determined the iPhone 8’s waterproof rating under controlled lab conditions using fresh water.

If, however, you splashed a liquid other than water on your iPhone 8, it’s usually still okay. Assuming it was just a quick splash, if you wiped up the liquid promptly and/or rinsed it with a bit of water and then let the phone dry, your iPhone 8 should be unaffected. 

If your device was submerged in a liquid other than water for any length of time (versus a minor splash), it’s possible that your iPhone 8 incurred liquid damage. But it depends on the unique nature of the incident. If you’re unsure, consider visiting a local repair shop or an Apple store to get a sense of the damage before turning it on.

How To Minimize The Risks of Water Damage

Based on the information above, we definitely don’t recommend taking your iPhone 8 into the shower with you. More specifically, the best way to prevent liquid damage to your iPhone 8 is by avoiding contact with water altogether.

But if you want to take extra precautions and minimize the risk of water damage, you should consider buying a waterproof case for your iPhone 8. These cases provide you with one extra notch on the IP moisture scale, effectively bringing the device’s waterproof rating from IP67 to IP68.

This upgrade in IP rating essentially grants your iPhone 8 the wiggle room to be submerged in an extra 0.5 meters of water depth for the same period of time (30 minutes). 

Waterproof Cases for the iPhone 8

These cases should technically be called “water resistant cases”. Their moisture rating would need to be the maximum grade of 9 out of 9 to truly be waterproof. 

In any case, here are some waterproof iPhone 8 cases that you can buy from Amazon. The prices listed below are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change after the time of writing (April 17th, 2020).

  • Lifeproof iPhone 8 Waterproof Case ($89.95 CAD): This iPhone 8 case meets or exceeds the IP68 rating according to the manufacturer, Lifeproof. Per the product’s description, this waterproof case can withstand submersion up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) for 1 hour. 



  • Fansteck Waterproof Case for iPhone 8 ($109.99 CAD): Fansteck’s IP68-rated waterproof phone case has solid reviews. The manufacturer also makes bold claims about this product’s water resistance. According to its specs, this case protected the iPhone 8 from leakage and liquid damage at a depth of 2 meters (6.6 feet) for not one but two hours of exposure time — across 1,000 tests. We don’t recommend that you repeat these tests at home, but hopefully it provides some peace of mind in your buying decision.


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