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The Wireless Code: Canceling Your Wireless Contract

Don’t cancel your wireless contract just yet, if you can wait a few weeks, the Wireless Code will be worth your time. If you signed a 3-year contract on or before June 3, 2013 – you will be able to cancel penalty-free on June 3, 2015.

If you signed a 3-year contract after June 3, 2013, your cancellation fee will be completely waived once you reach the 2-year mark of your contract.

The CRTC’s Wireless Code

The Wireless Code, implemented in December 2013, comes into force for existing 3-year contracts as of June 3, 2015. Because of this, any and all cancellation fees – including any remaining device balance – will be waived for any contract that is two years old.

Many carriers have waived the remaining device balance for anyone that upgrades to a new phone and signs a new two-year contract – but if you wish to cancel your contract then cancellation fees will still apply until June 3rd.

Two-year contracts are the new norm, with Canadian customers kept in mind. Instead of being stuck with a phone for three long years, the new two-year contract allows you to finish your contract and decide whether you’ll upgrade and sign a new one with your carrier.

Check out our post about unlocked phones to learn how you can make long-term contracts a thing of the past.

And when the tyranny of the 3-year contract is over, you’ll be feeling free like this:
wireless code
or this:
wireless code
or maybe even this:wireless code

For more information about the Wireless Code, check out the CRTC’s website.

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