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Why Buy A Used iPhone?

There are two types of iPhone users: those who rush to get their hands on the latest, greatest iPhone and those who don’t. If you find yourself in the latter camp, you probably don’t feel compelled to have the most cutting edge technology, which means you can benefit from having a used iPhone that reflects your needs at a better price.

Avoid Contracts

used iPhoneNot just for those with commitment issues, avoiding contracts can save you a lot of grief down the road. Contracts bring a whole host of trouble, including early termination fees that can reach upwards of $350. Negotiating your way around data caps and the inevitable overage charges with notoriously unhelpful customer service – not exactly appealing.

If you’ve already been lured into a contract, buying a used iPhone allows you to ride out your contract’s remaining days without signing on for two more years. And if you don’t already have a contract, buying your own used device allows you to avoid purchasing a subsidized phone from a carrier and continue taking advantage of the flexibility of service without strings attached.

Save Money on a Used iPhone

used iPhoneAnyone who says that you save money when buying a subsidized phone with a two-year contract is either confused or working for a wireless carrier company. Admittedly, we get the allure. You buy a phone from a wireless carrier and sign a two-year contract to avoid paying the full cost of the phone upfront. Somehow, an iPhone 5s goes from $719 to $199 and it really feels like you’re saving money. Sigh.

In reality, you end up paying an extra $20-$30 a month long after you have actually covered the cost of the device. Buying your own phone allows you to avoid expensive contracts and, better yet, buying used saves you money right off the bat on the cost of a device. Cha-ching!

Help Save the Environment

used iPhoneWe all feel the weight of our environmental footprint pressing down on us. Sometimes, enacting positive change can be as easy as buying used rather than new. By making use of a device that could otherwise end up in a landfill, you take one step in lessening your impact on our Earth’s limited resources. Until you see an iPhone on the market constructed out of post-consumer waste, buying used is definitely the most green way to go.

Appease an Appetite for Destruction

used iPhoneButterfingers and those saddled with bad luck should probably avoid buying new. Aside from the price tag of new devices, if you’re prone to destroying phones you should consider buying a used iPhone. Older models are cheaper and easier to fix. Parents should be especially keen on buying used since, chances are, the device you purchase for your child will take a beating. Parts for older models are more plentiful, less expensive, and the knowledge base for repairs is greater and more easily accessible.

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