mother's day

The best iPhone apps for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on May 8, 2016. In case it slipped your mind – don’t worry we’ve got you covered. It’s never too late to show your mom just how special she is. To help out, we’ve come up with 5 ways you can make her smile just by using your iPhone. 1. Send flowers with 1-800-FLOWERS Flowers are a Mother’s […]

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What Your Frequently Used
Emojis Say About You

Do you remember what using your iPhone keyboard was like before emojis? When we only had caps lock and exclamation points for emphasis there was so much meaning that could be lost through text. Now we can easily convey things like cheekiness with a wink or, even better, a wink-with-tongue-stuck-out emoji. The use of emojis […]

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iPhone parental controls

Tracking your teen with iPhone parental controls

Teens are more connected than ever before, with 92% reported being online everyday. So many of today’s youth have a smartphone to stay in contact with their friends, but many parents end up feeling left out of the loop. The built-in iPhone parental controls can help filter out the bad so your kids only see the […]

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app analytics

App Analytics Shared with Developers: Our Take On iOS Privacy Permissions

Introduced in iOS 8, iPhone users are asked to automatically share diagnostic and usage data with app developers. This new privacy permission is an extension of Apple’s other Diagnostic & Usage Data permission, which automatically sends daily app analytics on performance statistics, device usage, and other information directly to Apple. iOS 8 took things a bit further by […]

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Must-have Apps Vancouver

5 Must-have Apps Vancouver Edition

For us in Toronto, Vancouver seems a world away. Yes, it’s still Canada but nothing really compares to that pacific west coast urban vibe. It is something different. A mix of forward thinking urbanism nestled in a vast forested coastal expanse, all right next to a stunning mountain range. No wonder Torontonians are envious. Here’s […]

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location tracking in iOS

Passive-Location Tracking in iOS: Why It Happens and How to Stop It

Nothing drudges up images of a 1984-esque Apple-enabled conspiracy quite like the claim that an app is tracking your every movement with location tracking in iOS. It makes Apple’s famous Orwellian inspired commercial almost ironic. In a response to the report that Foursquare “tracks your every movement, even when the app is closed”, Forbes recently released […]

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must-have apps Toronto

5 Must-have Apps Toronto Edition

We’re not entirely sure what makes someone a “true Torontonian”. A survey of Canadian stereotypes suggests that its a disposition towards impatience driven by a mixture of workaholism and an omnipresent hangover. But we all know how limiting stereotypes can be. Here’s five must-have apps Toronto residents should download. At the very least, we can piece together […]

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