Stories From Around the Web: April 19th – May 2nd, 2014

In Stories From Around the Web, we take a look at what has been up with iPhones recently.

The celebrity selfie might make a bigger appearance in all our lives now that Apple has announced it is looking to hire a professional “Buzz Manager”. Though the celebrity selfie has been a promotional tactic used by Samsung, we’re hoping to see a little more innovation on the part of Apple.

There are so many rumors floating around about the iPhone 6 that it might as well be a character from Mean Girls. It can be difficult to stay on top of these things, so that’s why we were happy to see that G-Cubed released an iPhone 6 Rumour Roundup. They go into the fine details, like potential glass composition and device material. After reading this, we gave ourselves permission to ignore the rest of the iPhone 6 leaks that get posted throughout the week.

And major bummer alert: news broke this week about an awful iPhone trafficking scheme, aptly dubbed iScheme. This scheme exploits the fact that signing a wireless contract at an Apple store gets you an iPhone that you eventually pay off in the monthly fees. Apparently there are scammers who offer $200 for signing several iPhone contracts to anyone desperate for the money. These scammers lie and convince their victims that they can cancel their contracts at any time. The scammers then turn around and sell the device at full price, leaving the victims on the hook for the monthly contract fees. As if we needed another reason to be wary of people who are selling devices on Craigslist or Kijiji, right?

We learned recently that Apple reports two thirds of their inexpensive iPhone purchases come ex-Android users. By inexpensive, they mean older generation models like the iPhone 4S. Apple counts this as a win, so they should be pretty happy to hear that Orchard offers Like-New iPhones at price points that are even lower than their “inexpensive” models.

It’s finally May, but here in Toronto, it is definitely not finally summer. When (or if) the time comes to break out the sunglasses, we will definitely be buying our co-founder Alex the Tzukuri iBeacon sunglasses, since he seems to lose his sunglasses like its his job. Sunglasses from Tzukuri feature a tiny chip that alerts you when you’ve accidentally left your sunglasses behind. The key here is to make sure you haven’t left your phone behind too. Uh oh.

Lastly, for those still unsure of how to deal with the news of the Heartbleed bug, we have found a useful tool to sort you out. Instead of wondering whether your information has been compromised, you can enter your email address or user name into to forever answer that question.

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