This underused iPhone feature could help save your life

It’s a fear we probably all share— being caught alone in a crisis situation, maybe knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to speak with rescuers. While we can’t protect ourselves from everything, we can do our best to plan ahead if something like this happens.

If you’re unconscious, your phone can be a vital source of health information on allergies, existing medical conditions, medication, and next of kin.

While HealthKit has probably been one of the most underused features on the iPhone since it launched with iOS8, it turns out that the Health app is more than just a “nice-to-have” feature on your phone. According to a hospital employee, the Health app could literally help save your life.

Your iPhone’s Built-in MedicAlert Bracelet

The Health app has a feature called Medical ID and, if you set it up, it can help emergency personnel access important information like your name, date of birth, emergency contacts, medical conditions, and even blood type or donor status.

Do you take daily medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, or other health concerns? Do you have allergic reactions to certain medication or treatments? If so, this information needs to be available to your health responders and so it needs to go in your Medical ID.

Setting up your Medical ID

Filling out your Medical ID is incredibly easy– you can even use existing contacts in your address book to designate an emergency contact. Follow along with these steps outline below:

Apple Health app

1. Open your Health app. If you’re anything like me, it will be tucked away somewhere with other native apps that you can’t get rid of (I’m looking at you, Stocks app).

2. Tap the Medical ID tab, which is located on the right hand side of the menu at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap “Create Medical ID”.

4. Make sure that “Show When Locked” is switched on. Fill out any important medical information and you’re done!

How to set up your Medical ID

How to Access a Medical ID on Lock Screen

In case of an emergency, a first-responder can find your Medical ID from your lock screen by tapping “Emergency” and then “Medical ID”. From here, they can see all the important information that might help them treat you in an urgent situation. The Medical ID feature even allows you to place a call to an emergency contact without unlocking an iPhone.

How to find a Medical ID on a locked phone

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