Print from an iPhone using AirPrint

We spend more and more time on our phones. The world is fast becoming not only digital, but almost completely mobile. Still, there is sometimes value in having a hard copy. But if you’re on your iPhone, it isn’t always clear how to do it. Fear not. The iPhone does have the ability to print, […]

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iPhone 6 Plus use more data

Does the iPhone 6 Plus use more data?

If you’re inching close to your data cap each month, you may be wondering, does your iPhone 6 Plus use more data than their predecessors? The short answer is yes, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus users tend to use more data than other iPhone users – but the iPhone itself isn’t always to blame.

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free up iPhone space

How to Free Up iPhone Space

If you’re constantly taking photos and downloading new apps on your iPhone, you may quickly run out of space. But did you know there’s a few other culprits on your device that are taking up more space than they should? Before you force yourself to part with apps and photos you would rather keep, take […]

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iPhone 4 Still Good

The iPhone 4: Dated, Dusty, or Desired?

How the mighty have fallen. Five years ago, the smartphone world was ruled by BBM and QWERTY keyboards. In 2015, the current people’s champion is the iPhone. Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones to date, in major part because of the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But the iPhone 4 was […]

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iPhone photographers

5 iPhone Photographers
You Should Follow On Instagram

Everybody thinks they’re a professional photographer on Instagram. But some actual professional photographers have adopted both the iPhone as their camera and the popular social network as their gallery. The results are breathtaking. Here are five iPhone photographers (or “iPhonographers”) that you should follow on Instagram: Travel the world with Kevin Russ Kevin Russ first […]

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phone charger

Be Ready for the Next Blackout with a Phone Charger

The GTA has been hit hard with power outages over the past 24 hours, leaving thousands in the dark and unable to charge dying laptops and smartphones. During the next blackout, don’t get stuck without your iPhone. We recommend getting an external charger to keep your phone alive. Here’s a few of our favourites: The Most […]

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