iPhone parental controls

Tracking your teen with iPhone parental controls

Teens are more connected than ever before, with 92% reported being online everyday. So many of today’s youth have a smartphone to stay in contact with their friends, but many parents end up feeling left out of the loop. The built-in iPhone parental controls can help filter out the bad so your kids only see the […]

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This underused iPhone feature
could help save your life

It’s a fear we probably all share— being caught alone in a crisis situation, maybe knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to speak with rescuers. While we can’t protect ourselves from everything, we can do our best to plan ahead if something like this happens. If you’re unconscious, your phone can be a vital source of health […]

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iPhone care tips

iPhone care tips to survive a 2 year contract

This is your complete guide to the best iPhone care tips that will maximize its lifespan. Like a car, there is routine maintenance you should perform so that you can save money — not actively, but in the long term. Spending a little time and energy now will save you from more costly repairs and replacements later on. Instead […]

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IMEI checker

Avoid buying a stolen iPhone by using an IMEI checker

An IMEI checker is an important tool that can reveal the history of a smartphone. Before buying a second-hand iPhone, checking the IMEI will show you if the device was stolen. A blacklisted iPhone is one that has been marked as lost or stolen on a national database. It will not be able to activate on any carrier’s network, even if […]

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What is a blacklisted iPhone?

What exactly is a blacklisted iPhone?

The business of blacklisted iPhones is confusing to say the least. Only within the last few years have North American carriers started developing national and global databases to share devices listed as lost or stolen. Previously, consumers couldn’t be sure if a device was stolen when buying pre-owned iPhones. With the creation of a GSM blacklist, there […]

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iPhone vs Android

iPhone vs Android: The Essential Guide

We all love a good rivalry. Everyone gets to pick a side and stick to it with almost dogmatic fervor. It seems like rivalries exist in every nook and cranny of the world; sports rivalries, sibling rivalries, college rivalries, celebrity rivalries. Even Springfield has Shelbyville. In the world of mobile phones, two giants stand in opposition: […]

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iPhone prices worldwide

How increased iPhone prices worldwide translate to hours worked

Apple is a US company and, as such, Apple announcements speak to their home audience. The rest of the world watches an Apple Keynote with the understanding that things like prices and availability won’t necessarily hold across borders. The different exchange rates create a variety of iPhone prices worldwide. For example, Apple’s new upgrade program, […]

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iOS 9

iOS 9 Will Make Your Old iPhone Feel Young Again

Every year Apple not only releases a new device, but also a new operating system to go with it. This year that new operating system is iOS 9, and it was first introduced to the world at Apple’s WWDC earlier this month. iOS 9 includes some major changes, such as getting rid of Newsstand and […]

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iPhone every year

How to Afford the Latest iPhone Every Year

Getting the latest iPhone every year can be a reality, thanks to a strong second-hand market. For the last few years, a new iPhone model has been released each September. It can be tempting to own the latest, greatest device from Apple – but buying new every year can get expensive. Luckily the second-hand iPhone […]

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