Stories From Around the Web: March 28th – April 4th, 2014

This week, we were practically giddy over being featured on MobileSyrup. And then things got really incredible: Boy Genius Report called us the only app you’ll need when the iPhone 6 launches. This story was later picked up by Yahoo! News. With excitement from the spotlight and adrenaline after surviving the comments section, we are […]

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iPhone condition

How to Assess Your iPhone Condition

This post is out of date: Orchard now offers one simple way for selling your used iPhone. Learn how easy it is to sell your old iPhone with us today. While the Orchard app does a lot to automate the process of evaluating a device’s condition, we first rely on sellers to describe the outside of […]

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lost phone

The Definitive Guide to Your Lost Phone

So you lost your phone. Hey, it’s cool. It happens. No need to panic over a lost phone. There is a right way to handle this and a wrong way. The latter involves sitting back, putting on an episode of True Detective, and waiting for your phone to find its way home like some sort […]

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Getting to know you: Bruno Wong

We care about mobile users and their experiences. To find out how people on the street are using their devices, we do quick weekly interviews with our friends and supporters. We took the opportunity to chat with Orchard co-founder Bruno Wong for our inaugural post. You can check out Bruno on Instagram here.

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Orchard in the news!

If you’ve spent time with anyone here at Orchard, you probably that we are huge fans of MobileSyrup. Recently our co-founder Bruno spent some time chatting with MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader, who wrote a great post about what we do here at Orchard. To read this outstanding piece of journalism, click here!

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resale value

How to Maintain the Resale Value of Your Device

You look at your phone more than 150 times per day, making it your most-used piece of technology. But when people talk about protecting it, they usually mean their privacy or data. While backing up your iPhone and updating your iOS to access the latest security features are important, we have something a bit more […]

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used iPhone

Why Buy A Used iPhone?

There are two types of iPhone users: those who rush to get their hands on the latest, greatest iPhone and those who don’t. If you find yourself in the latter camp, you probably don’t feel compelled to have the most cutting edge technology, which means you can benefit from having a used iPhone that reflects […]

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