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Do it yourself: The best online resources for solving your own iPhone problems

The internet has given us many a marvelous thing. Forget the knowledge-zapping vortex that is YouTube’s section of Cat Videos, we mean “marvelous” in the traditional internet-as-information-superhighway sense. Solving your own iPhone problems is just a few resources away.

For example, you can learn about Mathematical Logic on Wikipedia, diagnose yourself with pretty much anything (and everything) on WebMD, and teach yourself questionable life skills like “How to Be a Punk” and “How to Cheat a Lie-Detector Test” on WikiHow.

Resolving iPhone problems is also something you can tackle with the help of the various online resources already out there. Going the DIY route allows you to avoid navigating the hectic environment of the Apple Store Genius Bar and, heck, you even might learn something useful along the way.

Instead of leaving you to comb through the almost infinite Google search results that come with trying to fix your iPhone problems, we have compiled a guide to the best online resources for iPhone users.


We love Reddit. Like, a lot. They don’t call it “the front page of the internet” for nothing; Reddit has a vibrant community of engaged users who pride themselves on really knowing their stuff. We even based our iPhone 5S Buying Guide off of information crowdsourced from r/iPhone. If you’re looking for general iPhone help, your question has already probably been answered on the subreddit r/iPhonehelp, r/iPhone, or r/iOS.


If you are an avid reader of our weekly digest about iPhones in the news, you probably know that we were April Fool’d by iFixit’s phony news release about getting bought out by Apple. We were, understandably, pretty upset over the news because simply: iFixit is amazing. You can buy parts to fix your own broken screen and download videos that will walk you through each step. For iPhone users that are into getting their hands dirty, this site is for you.


We hesitate to look up how-to videos on YouTube because we inevitably get lost and find ourselves hours later, watching Russian tutorials on how to train your cat to meow on command. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Still, YouTube has a huge library of iPhone geniuses talking about every problem under the sun. To make it easier to find the diamonds in the rough, we have curated our own YouTube channel that compiles some of the best videos solving some of the most common iPhone problems. You can check that out here.


Sometimes, you have to go right to the source. Searching Apple’s website can turn up some great information, especially if you are wondering about the newest generation iPhone models. Otherwise, check out Apple’s Support Communities. They are especially great if you have older model phones because your problem has probably already been dealt with.


This is a fairly new addition to the cyber-landscape. Quora was made public in 2010, but since then, it has become the leader of question-and-answer websites. You have to register to access its content, but the upside is that you can have your questions answered by industry leaders in the iPhone field.

There you have it – the best iPhone fixing resources on the web. Now you can go about your iPhone-destroying lives with the smug awareness that you’ll know exactly where to go when you shatter your screen.


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