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New Year’s Resolutions: The Apps That Will Keep Our Team on Track

New Year’s Day has come and past, as has the brief wave of the bigger crowds at the local gym. It came to our attention that today, January 17th, is “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day.” Here at Orchard, we say “No Way!” Here are some of our team’s personal New Year’s Resolutions, paired with an app that should help keep them on track:


Alex: “Meditate with Headspace at least every second day”

new year's resolutionsHeadspace is an app that uses meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you start “treating your head right.” The app comes with their basic “Take10” program for free, or you can subscribe to access their full catalogue. Free on the App Store. Also available on Google Play and the Amazon App store.

Hamza: “I’m using LoseIt to track weight loss”

new year's resolutionsLoseIt is an app that creates a custom weight loss plan for you, and allows you to track your diet and exercise as you go. The free version keeps track of your weight, or the premium upgrade lets you track other metrics such as body fat and measurements, as well as producing food insights and a series of reports. Free on the App store.

Bruno: “I [want] to get more done in my day-to-day”

new year's resolutionsWunderlist is a beautifully designed list app with integrated sharing, collaboration, and attachments. To make sure you have access wherever you are, your lists automatically sync between your phone, computer and tablet and computer. Built in reminders make sure you never forget to get things done. Free on the App store.

Ronaldo: “I set a goal to quit smoking in 2015”

new year's resolutionsLIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach is a widely recommended app that “creates a personalized plan to help you quit smoking.” Tracking functionality, motivational tips, progress charts and reward badges contribute to helping you reach your goal. Free on the App store.

Bianca: “Properly balance the amount of things I consume and also how much I produce. I watch a lot of movies, listen to a lot of podcasts, read a lot, and I want to be mindful that I am also producing and creating an equal amount of things”

new year's resolutionsWay of life describes itself as the ultimate habit maker and breaker. The app allows you to track everything you do day-to-day so you can see your progress at increasing or decreasing the hours you commit to different things in your life. Reminder functionality can help to nudge you in the right direction. Free on the App store.

Brian: “I want to drink more water every day”

new year's resolutionsWaterlogged helps you track your water intake and remind you (premium version only) in case you forget to have a glass. Daily goals are visualized, allowing you to make sense of how much you have drank, and how much more you need to reach your goal.  Free on the app store.



What is your New Year’s resolution, and what are you doing to make sure you keep on track?

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