Must-have Apps Vancouver

5 Must-have Apps Vancouver Edition

For us in Toronto, Vancouver seems a world away. Yes, it’s still Canada but nothing really compares to that pacific west coast urban vibe. It is something different. A mix of forward thinking urbanism nestled in a vast forested coastal expanse, all right next to a stunning mountain range. No wonder Torontonians are envious. Here’s five must-have apps Vancouver residents should download.

Our list of essential apps captures the distinctive ambiance exclusive to one of Canada’s most enjoyable cities. Try any of these to enhance your West Coast life, whether you’ve been there forever or are spending a week exploring the city.

Strava- Free on Android and iOS

Must-have Apps Vancouver Must-have Apps Vancouver

While many have to drive to cottage country for a taste of the outdoors, it is tough to avoid that fresh-air feel in Vancouver. Built on the doorstep of nature, hiking trails, watersports, cycling and jogging are almost unavoidable. Strava connects you to trails for jogging and cycling along with performance tracking.

With health apps becoming a pretty big deal in the tech world, this app is a little more comprehensive than tracking how many steps you take. Basic statistics and your route are uploaded post workout and can be viewed on Strava’s website. It can filter popular routes, show you heat maps, as well as rank you versus others who completed the same run or ride.

The best part is its compatibility with a handful of biometric sensors and devices from Garmin, Soleus, and Timex.

Street Food Vancouver: Free on Android and iOS

Must-have Apps Vancouver Must-have Apps Vancouver

Tatlow Park Software has created Street Food vendor apps for a bunch of cities. Vancouver is one of the lucky ones. Food trucks seem to be elusive especially when that craving hits. For both foodies and urbanites, looking at a live map or filtering popular trucks can connect you with local options. Want to try something new? A short summary of what each truck serves can help you decide before a walk to a deserved meal.

Yellow Cab: Free on Android and iOS

Must-have Apps Vancouver Must-have Apps Vancouver

Rumors are Uber may be back at some point, but get this app in the meantime. Yellow cab has been in Vancouver forever. Seriously. Since 1921 it has been operating in the city. The Yellow Cab app is the latest tool to help it stay around a while longer. Order a cab, schedule one for later, track the cab’s position, and message the driver: it has everything you’d need to order a taxi and more.

Radar: Free on iOS

Must-have Apps VancouverMust-have Apps Vancouver

This is Vancouver’s transit app. Minute by minute tracking of bus location and when the next bus will arrive make commuting on a cold rainy day slightly easier. With a face scrunched up against wind and rain, at least you will have comfort knowing warmth is 3 minutes away with help from Radar. Most apps that track bus times get data from TransitLink, Radar included. On occasion, data can be inaccurate so leave yourself a buffer when commuting.

Geocashing: Free on iOS and Android, Premium Available 

 Must-have Apps VancouverMust-have Apps Vancouver

Calling itself the world’s largest treasure hunt, it is definitely not exclusive to Vancouver. In the city or wilderness, find things carefully hidden by others. If you’ve walked down the same street over and over or hiked the same trail, this can give new life to a place you know. Otherwise, get lost in a new place you’ve never been. Using GPS tags and a few hints, track down hidden goods. Be honest, who doesn’t like finding treasure?

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