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How to Maintain the Resale Value of Your Device

You look at your phone more than 150 times per day, making it your most-used piece of technology. But when people talk about protecting it, they usually mean their privacy or data. While backing up your iPhone and updating your iOS to access the latest security features are important, we have something a bit more simple in mind when we talk about resale value and device protection.

Your phone is, after all, a physical object and the condition it is in affects your device’s resale value and, more importantly, the quality of your experience using it.

We wanted to give you some quick and easy tips to keep your device in the best condition possible. You can also read our new guide on iPhone care tips right here.


Cases provide the strongest defense against iPhone damage. Even the flimsiest casing can prevent cosmetic damage. Though what you really want to protect against are the cardinal sins of iPhone ownership: water damage, shattered screens, and broken buttons. There are a host of tougher cases out there that give your iPhone a fighting chance against the beating you might subject it to, offering protection against the elements and maintaining your device’s value.

Screen Protectors

Using a screen protector is the least intrusive way to protect your device. Your screen is one of the most vulnerable areas of your phone and scratches can reduce your resale value by up to $45. Screen protectors are inexpensive and do an amazing job preventing abrasions, so we recommend using one whether or not your phone is in a case.


Proper battery maintenance is key to a healthy device. Proper maintenance for iPhone’s lithium-based batteries includes running down your phone to about 70% with the occasional full charge cycle. To complete a full charge cycle, just charge your battery up to 100% and then completely run it down. If you notice your phone is struggling to keep a charge, you can purchase iFixit’s iPhone 5 battery kit ($30) and replace it yourself with the provided tools.

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