iPhone videos

iPhone videos are taking a bite into professional videography

The iPhone exploded into the cell phone market, becoming one of the most common devices in people’s pockets and purses around the world. But that’s old news. Today could very well be the tipping point for the next stage of the iPhone takeover – this time as a preferred tool in professional videography. iPhone videos have become a new form of art in the world of film and television.

Film Festival Quality

Smartphones aren’t just for cat videos anymore. You may have heard about Tangerine, a breakout hit at Sundance film festival last month that was notably shot entirely on an iPhone 5S. Granted, Director Sean Baker used some custom lens attachments and a Steadicam rig to make sure it had that proper cinematic feel – but that’s still a bargain compared to other professional setups.

Well, the story doesn’t end there. Get ready for some even more main-stream use of Apple’s iconic smartphone as a piece of professional video production equipment.

iPhone on TV

Re/code is reporting that next week’s episode of Modern Family was shot completely using an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

iPhone videos

20th Century Fox Television

The episode, titled “Connection Lost” takes place in an airport with the family communicating using Facetime, so it’s not hard to imagine the advantages the iPhone and iPad had in this context. Still, despite being used for the realism, this is a huge milestone and a great proof of concept for the iPhone – now not only used by up-and-coming filmmakers, but also real established productions.

The future of iPhone videos

While the chances of the iPhone completely disrupting the market is slim – there is some precedent. It wasn’t long ago that filming with anything less than professional equipment was unheard of, but recently the DSLR form factor has gained traction as a suitable option for some filmmakers, seeing use in movies as noteworthy as The Avengers. As the lines continue to blur in terms of quality between “Smartphones” and “Cameras,” it’s not hard to imagine seeing more use of Apple products going forward.

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