Print from an iPhone using AirPrint

We spend more and more time on our phones. The world is fast becoming not only digital, but almost completely mobile. Still, there is sometimes value in having a hard copy. But if you’re on your iPhone, it isn’t always clear how to do it. Fear not. The iPhone does have the ability to print, as long as you have an AirPrint compatible printer.

How to use AirPrint from an iPhone

1. Check to make sure your printer is compatible with your iPhone’s AirPrint technology.

AirPrint isn’t an app or a special piece of software, but a technology that is built in to many printers that to allows iPhones to communicate with them. If you own a networked printer (that is, one that has a physical or wireless connection to your home network), there is a good chance that it will already work with your iPhone. Click here for the full list.

AirPrint from an iPhone - Settings > WiFi2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. This can be found in Settings > Wi-Fi on your phone.


If your printer is on that list, you can print lots of things directly from your phone. All you need to do is make sure your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the printer is connected to.

3. Print from within an app by clicking “Share” or the “File” menu.

Many apps are compatible with AirPrint. For example, you can print simple text directly from the notes app, or a fully formatted document from the Microsoft Office App. Google maps supports printing maps or directions. On most apps, you can print by clicking the “Share” button, and choosing Print. You will then see a list of available printers and a few other print options. With another tap, youre document will be coming out of the printer in no time.

Some apps however have the print option under another menu. Microsoft Office Apps, for example, actually place the print option under the “File” Menu, similar to how the full computer versions of those programs work. In any case, the print options should not be hard to find.

Printing from the Notes app in 5 easy steps

Don’t have an AirPrint Compatible Printer?

Unfortunately not all printers are set up for AirPrint out of the box, but there is a workaround. O’print (for Windows) and Handyprint (For Mac) are programs you can install on your computer to trick the iPhone into thinking there is an AirPrint enabled printer on the network. After you install the software, you can select any printer that that computer can print from.

This method requires your computer to be on to work. It’s a small price to pay to open up the ability to use AirPrint on your iPhone. Otherwise, all the steps for printing are the same.

Print on!

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