iPhone chargers

These iPhone chargers will become your new favourite accessory

If you take two minutes to poke around the Orchard site, you’ll know that we love functional, minimalist, and elegant design. So when we find iPhone chargers that embody these principles, our response is almost Pavlovian: immediate drooling.

This is where NOMAD comes in. They build some of the most sleek device accessories we’ve ever seen, all designed to make sure you’ll never experience the dread of an impending dead battery again.

Innovative iPhone chargers

The idea behind these products is simple: giving people greater connectivity and flexibility in a world driven by our mobile phones. While traditional charging cables can be bulky, NOMAD makes iPhone chargers that are so non-intrusive that they practically disappear from your mind until you need to use them.

iPhone chargersiPhone chargers

Key and Card

Their cables come in two flavours: a key-shaped version that you can slip onto your keychain or a flat card cable that you slide into your wallet. The magic here is that, unless you’re someone who manages to exist without a set of keys or a wallet, you will always have your charging cable on hand whenever you leave your house. Suddenly, your mobile device becomes truly mobile.

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