Introducing two new solutions that make selling effortless

This post is out of date: Orchard now offers one simple way for selling your used iPhone. Learn how easy it is to sell your old iPhone with us today.

At Orchard, we craft tools and services that are modern and efficient so that you can sell your phone with ease. The Orchard app is the result of this approach. It automatically determines your phone’s fair price and generates a listing, making you better equipped to go out into the world, selling your device.

But we have never been about one-size-fits-all solutions. We knew that we could do more to improve the lives of sellers because not all sellers’ lives are the same. Some crave convenience, others care more about how far their dollar will go. So we decided to build something new that is responsive to everyone’s needs.

We are proud to introduce Orchard’s new selling services. Our two new tiers cater to those who are willing to trade some of their device’s value in exchange for a more convenient selling experience.

Standard Service:

You have an iPhone to sell but you don’t want to chase down buyers all over the city to sell it. So let Orchard find you a buyer. Don’t worry–we won’t send you out to a sketchy subway station to meet them. We send you shipping materials and manage the payment ourselves. You’ll receive payment within 14 business days while keeping 88% of your device’s value.

Premium Service:

Our premium service cuts the time between sign-up and payment to only 7 days. Instead of finding you a buyer, Orchard cuts out the middle-man and buys your phone from you directly. We express post you shipping materials and, once we receive your phone, we pay you minus a buying fee of 65% of your device’s value.


Accessing these two services is simple: it all starts with our new and improved Orchard app. Download it to verify your device’s condition and choose the service that is right for you.

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