Getting to Know You: Rhodi Iliadou

We care about mobile users and their experiences. To find out how people on the street are using their devices, we do quick weekly interviews with friends, supporters, and fellow iPhone users. This week, we took the opportunity to chat with ultimate design-wizard at Triangles Agency, Rhodi Iliadou. You can check out Rhodi on Twitter or Instagram here.

Name: Rhodi Iliadou

Occupation: Graphic Designer

What kind of phone do you have? Apple iPhone 4S 8GB

What is your favourite app? I like a lot of the vital apps that my phone comes with but for new apps I really like Reporter. The app that asks you questions about your day and then makes charts.

Why? It’s a fun way of keeping notes on what you do each day, and take a look at patterns of behaviour, like for example if you want to see exactly how much coffee you drink over the course of a month or you take notes on new things you learn or who you hang out with more from your friends. It’s kinda nerdy I guess. A huge plus is that the user interface is really good looking!

What is the song you’ve played the most on your iTunes? Janelle Monae – Ghetto Woman

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