Getting to Know You: Matt Hunter

We care about mobile users and their experiences. To find out how people on the street are using their devices, we do quick weekly interviews with our friends and supporters. This week, we took the opportunity to chat with long-time pal Matt Hunter. You can check out Matt on Instagram here.

Name: Matt Hunter

Occupation: Co-Founder at Turnstyle Solutions / Artist at Natural Animal

What kind of phone do you have? iPhone 4S

What’s your favorite app? Mailbox.

Why? Because your inbox only holds the stuff you need to deal with right now. If you are dealing with a task on Friday, that email is archived and reappears on Friday. The design is incredible and you can fly through emails with the swipe function. I literally feel like I’m sweeping up trash. I can’t imagine my life pre-mailbox. It’s saved me.

What is your favorite travel spot?  Ios, Greece.

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