Getting to Know You: Erin Bury

We care about mobile users and their experiences. To find out how people on the street are using their devices, we do quick weekly interviews with friends, supporters, and fellow iPhone users. This week, we took the opportunity to chat with tech expert Erin Bury. You can check out Erin on Twitter here.

Name: Erin Bury

Occupation: Managing Director at 88 Creative, a digital marketing & design agency in Toronto

What kind of phone do you have? iPhone

What’s your favorite app? I don’t care that this makes me lame – Pet Rescue Saga, a game from Candy Crush makers King.

Why? It’s addictive, and I play it every time I’m waiting in line, on the subway, or have an extra 5 minutes. Also, who doesn’t love a game where you save dogs and cats??

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you spend it? Since I’m usually staring at a screen all day (iPhone, iPad, computer, you name it) I typically continue that trend and watch TV to unwind. I’m a big fan of true crime shows and comedies like Happy Endings and Parks & Rec.

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