Getting to Know You: Boris Mann

We care about mobile users and their experiences. To find out how people on the street are using their devices, we do quick weekly interviews with friends, supporters, and fellow iPhone users. This week, we took the opportunity to chat with one of our favourite Vancouverites, Boris Mann, who is a managing partner at Full Stack. You can check out Boris on Twitter here.

Name: Boris Mann

Occupation: I advise early stage tech startups.

What kind of phone do you have?  Unlocked iPhone 5C (yellow), bought directly from Apple. Lots of people diss this phone, but it’s great! I bought it unlocked, and unlocked it’s much much cheaper than the 5S. Plus, it’s yellow!

What’s your favorite app? Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time in email. Mailbox App (which is by Dropbox), is great. It’s a great interface for getting to “Inbox Zero”, and in general, staying on top of your email. I use the “later” option to deal with things on the weekend, or push it to next week, and so on.

I also really love Slack. It’s what prevents more email from hitting my inbox, and makes me accessible to a number of the teams I work with pretty much instantly.

What is your most prized possession? My cooking knives. I’ve been buying high quality chef’s knives for almost 20 years. When I was a co-op student, I would travel with them as the main item I knew I had to have so that I could cook well in a rented kitchen.

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