What Your Frequently Used Emojis Say About You

Do you remember what using your iPhone keyboard was like before emojis? When we only had caps lock and exclamation points for emphasis there was so much meaning that could be lost through text. Now we can easily convey things like cheekiness with a wink or, even better, a wink-with-tongue-stuck-out emoji.

The use of emojis has been widely discussed by linguists and has even been compared to a developing language. And, like a language, how you use it to express yourself can say a lot about you. That’s why we’re putting on our anthropology hat and taking a hard look at Frequently Used emojis. Read on to find out what they say about you!

Cute Animal and People Emojis
Cute Frequently Used Emojis

You’re delightful and you’re not afraid to let people know. Some people might find you too sweet, but we both know they’re just jealous.

Work-Themed Emojis

Office Frequently Used Emojis

You probably know what Normcore is but you also probably don’t identify as such. You like to throw practical, object-type emojis into your texts to really emphasize your brand of humour– outdated technology and symbols of 1980s corporate America just seem funny to you. That, or you actually do work in a cubical-filled office somewhere.

Drinking and Its Aftermath Emojis

Drunk Frequently Used Emojis

You have a problematic relationship with alcohol.

Wacky Emojis

Wacky Frequently Used Emojis

You march to the beat of your own drum. You’re pretty clever and you don’t take yourself too seriously, so you’re always finding ways to make people laugh. While not so much the class clown, people would describe you as “quirky” or “unusual”. But you don’t mind– you like keeping people on their toes.

Poop and Winter Emojis

Canadian Frequently Used Emojis

You’re Canadian.

Enthusiastic Emojis

Happy Frequently Used Emojis

You’re super upbeat— always encouraging others and celebrating their accomplishments. You’ve probably responded to tons of text messages with “Amazing!!” and the congratulatory emoji of your choice. If you haven’t already, you should consider a career as a kid’s soccer coach or motivational speaker.

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