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iPhone 5S named the best phone money can buy

The Verge recently posted a review of the top phones on the market, naming the iPhone 5S as the best phone you can buy.

The gist of how they reached their conclusion is this: when choosing a phone, five things matter most, including design, battery life, ecosystem, software, and camera. While other devices might have the advantage of a better battery life or a bigger screen, they all come with complications too. You’ll have to trade off a better battery with the fact that your phone has a mediocre camera or an uninspired design. That is, unless you buy an iPhone 5S. It offers users the best blend of design, battery life, apps, software, and camera, without any major trade-offs.

The best phone

There is a special kind of satisfaction that comes with hearing someone say everything you’ve been thinking. That satisfaction is what really drove us to post the Verge’s review video, since we really couldn’t agree more with their assessment of the 5S. It’s the best phone available for those who are unwilling to (or uninterested in) compromising on any aspect of their mobile experience.

When you’re shelling out upwards of $500 on a phone, or virtually selling your soul to your carrier with a 24 month contract, making sure you’re choosing the right phone is, understandably, an important part of avoiding buyer’s remorse. We can pretty confidently tell you that buying a 5S is something you won’t regret.

The Verge review

But don’t take our word for it, check out the Verge’s assessment (embedded below) of the best and brightest smartphones on the market today.


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