iPhone fireworks

3 Tips to Get Perfect iPhone Fireworks Photos

Do you always envy those perfect shots of fireworks? Believe it or not, your iPhone is capable of capturing some pretty amazing pictures if you know what to do. Follow these 3 easy tips to get perfect iPhone fireworks photos and make all your Instagram followers jealous. 1. Turn off the flash In the dark […]

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s

The S is for Speed: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s

We’ve all learned to expect a major new iPhone design about every two years. Between these design changes the iPhone receives a feature upgrade, dubbed the “S” model. Since both phones look the exact same, you’re probably left wondering what’s the big difference between the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s? The iPhone 6 was released […]

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iPhone environmental impact

iWaste: The iPhone Environmental Impact

Apple reported 74.8 million iPhones sold in Q1 2016 — many of these replaced older models for the prime spot in your purse or pocket. So what happens to those old iPhones once they’re replaced with the shiny new model? Let’s look at the iPhone environmental impact from manufacturing to storefront. The Manufacturing Impact  Apple reports […]

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mother's day

The best iPhone apps for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on May 8, 2016. In case it slipped your mind – don’t worry we’ve got you covered. It’s never too late to show your mom just how special she is. To help out, we’ve come up with 5 ways you can make her smile just by using your iPhone. 1. Send flowers with 1-800-FLOWERS Flowers are a Mother’s […]

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iPhone parental controls

Tracking your teen with iPhone parental controls

Teens are more connected than ever before, with 92% reported being online everyday. So many of today’s youth have a smartphone to stay in contact with their friends, but many parents end up feeling left out of the loop. The built-in iPhone parental controls can help filter out the bad so your kids only see the […]

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iPhone care tips

iPhone care tips to survive a 2 year contract

This is your complete guide to the best iPhone care tips that will maximize its lifespan. Like a car, there is routine maintenance you should perform so that you can save money — not actively, but in the long term. Spending a little time and energy now will save you from more costly repairs and replacements later on. Instead […]

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IMEI checker

Avoid buying a stolen iPhone by using an IMEI checker

An IMEI checker is an important tool that can reveal the history of a smartphone. Before buying a second-hand iPhone, checking the IMEI will show you if the device was stolen. A blacklisted iPhone is one that has been marked as lost or stolen on a national database. It will not be able to activate on any carrier’s network, even if […]

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