Bad battery life? Read this complete guide

Every year or so, a flurry of articles come out with data showing that bad battery life is the #1 concern for smartphone owners. Looking through Orchard’s customer support data, we’re not surprised— about 1/4 of the questions we get from prospective buyers mention battery life as a concern when buying a used iPhone. These […]

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What Your Frequently Used
Emojis Say About You

Do you remember what using your iPhone keyboard was like before emojis? When we only had caps lock and exclamation points for emphasis there was so much meaning that could be lost through text. Now we can easily convey things like cheekiness with a wink or, even better, a wink-with-tongue-stuck-out emoji. The use of emojis […]

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This underused iPhone feature
could help save your life

It’s a fear we probably all share— being caught alone in a crisis situation, maybe knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to speak with rescuers. While we can’t protect ourselves from everything, we can do our best to plan ahead if something like this happens. If you’re unconscious, your phone can be a vital source of health […]

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iPhone vs Android

iPhone vs Android: The Essential Guide

We all love a good rivalry. Everyone gets to pick a side and stick to it with almost dogmatic fervor. It seems like rivalries exist in every nook and cranny of the world; sports rivalries, sibling rivalries, college rivalries, celebrity rivalries. Even Springfield has Shelbyville. In the world of mobile phones, two giants stand in opposition: […]

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iPhone prices worldwide

How increased iPhone prices worldwide translate to hours worked

Apple is a US company and, as such, Apple announcements speak to their home audience. The rest of the world watches an Apple Keynote with the understanding that things like prices and availability won’t necessarily hold across borders. The different exchange rates create a variety of iPhone prices worldwide. For example, Apple’s new upgrade program, […]

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Orchard: YYZ >> SFO

After a year serving Canadians, Orchard is looking to head South. To put things in motion, co-founder Bruno Wong bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco. He’s chronicling what it’s like to navigate the startup capital of North America, make connections, find distribution channels, and explore every opportunity, all while still trying to lead his […]

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app analytics

App Analytics Shared with Developers: Our Take On iOS Privacy Permissions

Introduced in iOS 8, iPhone users are asked to automatically share diagnostic and usage data with app developers. This new privacy permission is an extension of Apple’s other Diagnostic & Usage Data permission, which automatically sends daily app analytics on performance statistics, device usage, and other information directly to Apple. iOS 8 took things a bit further by […]

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apple pay

Apple Pay Might Never Fully Launch in Canada

Apple Pay is one of Apple’s announcements that generated a ton of excitement. Most of us Canadians know the thrill of paying at checkout by tapping our debit or credit cards on the payment terminal. Even still, the thought of the added functionality and security that Apple could bring to payments is an enticing one. […]

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unlocked phones

Unlocked Phones: The Definitive Guide

There seems to be a weird mystique around unlocked phones. We all kind of know, somehow, that having an unlocked phone is better than having a locked phone. I mean, consumer rights groups are even pushing for all phones to be sold unlocked. Carriers seem against it. And us little guys are caught somewhere in […]

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