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Up Next Queue: Apple Music and the Best iOS 8.4 Feature

The big iPhone news this week is the release of iOS 8.4, and with it comes Apple Music – the aptly named music streaming service set to give Spotify a run for its money.

But while Apple Music and its associated Beats1 radio station are getting most of the headlines – the redesigned music app came with an even better feature – and it’s called Up Next.


Finally, the native music app on the iPhone lets you see and edit the music queue on your iPhone, giving you complete control over what plays next. Here’s how it works.

Apple MusicOn the now playing screen, tap the icon that looks like a bulleted list (just to the right of the skip forward button). You are now looking at the up next queue.

On the Up Next screen you will see all of the songs that are lined up to play. You can reorder the tracks by dragging the anchor on the right up or down, or delete any song from the queue by swiping left on it to reveal a Remove button.

To add to the queue, tap the “Add” button, which will bring up a screen that lets you navigate your songs by the usual methods (think playlist, artist, etc.) or by searching.

You can also add to the up next queue while you’re browsing your music normally, just tap the three dots on the right of any song and choose “Add to Up Next” from the options.

Apple Music

Previously, the only way to imitate this behavior would have been to create a brand new playlist and add songs in the order you want them to play – but the new interface is much more intuitive.

If you’ve ever been in charge of the music on a road trip (or even a short car ride), you’ll appreciate how easy the queue makes the task of choosing the next song – no longer will you have to scramble to skip a song you don’t like when using shuffle, as it can be swapped out easily in advance.

A couple of other handy uses for the up next queue include easily slipping a song into the middle of another album or playlist without losing your spot, or making sure that the embarrassing recording of you singing in the shower doesn’t accidentally play in the middle of your next get-together.


However you end up using the up next queue, it’s sure to improve your listening experience.


For a complete look at how to make the most out of Apple Music and Up Next, check out iMore’s comprehensive guide here.

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